Why won’t my led strip lights turn on? Lets fix it? 10 Best idea.

LED strip decorative lights are widely used, whether it is used for decorating the interior or exterior of the room, or shops, are very practical. However, during use, sometimes there are situations in which the LED strip does not work. For example, the LED strip does not light or flicker. What is the reason of this? How to solve it? Why won’t my led strip lights turn on?

The LED strip is not working, usually there are three cases. First, electrical problems, second, LED strip or connector and controller damage, third, environmental problems. We need to examine this in these three aspects.

Why won't my led strip lights turn on

Doesn’t the LED strip light at all? Why won’t my led strip lights turn on.

1. Confirm that the voltage and current rating of your power supply is compatible with your LED strip.

For example, your power supply is 12 V DC, it will not work with a 24 V LED strip. Check the back of the power supply unit, which will have an output voltage marked. Then, check the LED strip throughly, which will have its input voltage written at the LED strip connection points. Why won’t my led strip lights turn on?

2. Make sure that your power supply is working correctly.

3. Examining and isolating other accessories on the same circuit.

4. Check out for any visible loose connections in the equipment, making sure all your connectors and wires are in place and have not fallen out from plug. Try to tighten the screws on the DC adapters, and reinsert the LED strips in solderless connectors, which are common contact failure points.

Note: The power supply must be powered on for this test.

Does the LED strip have segments that do not light up?

If you have an entire LED strip section, but a portion of the LED strip remains dark, you may be “open circuit” to a section.

This means that due to a manufacturing defect or some mechanical damage during shipping or installation, the LED for one section or one of the components has become loose, resulting in the LED being completely unsatisfied for that section. Why won’t my led strip lights turn on?

You have to be familiar with how soldering works, you may want to try heating the solder joints for each of the LEDs and components with that dead section. If not, your best bet would be to ask your supplier for a replacement (if they provide warranty) or simply remove the failed section using a connector clip by cutting along the cut-lines and joining the sections together.

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If your LED strips are not working after cutting, you can refer to “How to fix Xiaomi LED strip not working after cutting” to get this answer.

pay attention: for Why won’t my led strip lights turn on ?

1. The high temperature resistance of the LED strip is not good, therefore, if the welding temperature and the welding time of the LED are not well controll-ed in the production and maintenance process, the LED chip will be damag-ed due to the ultra-high temperature or Consistently high temperatures. This causes false death of the LED lamp belt.

2. LED is an electrostatic-sensitive element, so if the electrostatic protection function is not done well in the production process, the LED chip will be burnt due to static electricity, resulting in the deletion of an LED strip.

Some quick check-

1. LED strip light lamp beads must be broken or damaged during transport if the light is not covered with complete protection.

2. Must be defective at the soldering points of light. Soldering may stop if there is a shock during transport.

3. Poor quality soldering can result in strabrate or shedding when the strip light is bent for use. Why won’t my led strip lights turn on.

4. Cheating on tin soldering material can also cause the same problem as we have just mentioned.

5. Some lights are Flexible installation LED lights with bending angles are too large, resulting in LED lights with flexible joints and bright copper separation, make proper installation.

6. Excessive bending can cause disconnection between joints and copper foil.

7. Thick solder layer on the strip light’s circuit board leads to soldering and non-complete fusion of the circuit board.

8. The LED flexible strip light cannot be rotat-ed during installation. Soldering can bend.

9. Electrostatic failure. LED is an electrostatic-sensitive component. If there is no good ESD protection measure for the LED, the chip will burn out.

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