What is light pen in computer ? Types of light pen in 2021.

A light pen is a light-sensitive pointing input device commonly used to select or modify text or data on a screen. This was use with a CRT monitor, these devices were an early sort of manipulating and highlighting data on the screen. What is light pen in computer? within the photo, there’s an example of a lady employing a electronic stylus to spotlight text on the screen.


Light pens were originally developed around 1955 and in the 1960s, they were more commonly used with graphics terminals such as the IBM 2250. In the 1980s, like the BBC microcomputer, light pen usage expanded in home computers. Some graphics cards also included a connection to the light pen.

Today, light pens are not use due to the invention of the touch screen.

The term light pen can also refer to a pointing input device that uses a light that is commonly use during a presentation. The light pen is a very focuse flashlight-type device or a laser pointer. It can be use to direct the audience’s attention to a specific area, such as a picture or text in a presentation. What is light pen in computer

  A light pen can also be use to describe the pen (stylus) use with a graphics tablet.

The light pen can be considered the predecessor of touchscreen technology and was first built in 1955 as part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Whirlwind Project, a Cold War vacuum tube military computer. The pen allows users to select individual pixels on the screen and to draw and interact with menu elements in exactly the same way that users interact with the touchscreen display. What is light pen in computer.

Lightweight pens became common in the 1960s on graphics terminals such as the IBM 2250 and were also available for text-only terminals. It also became popular during the 1980s for home computers like the Atari and Commodore 8-bit computers. However, the concept of operating the sunshine pen isn’t compatible with modern LCD screens . As a result, the data input device eventually died.

The light pen works by detecting changes in brightness of nearby pixels. Which indicate that the electron beam of the CRT is scanning in that area; It then sends the time of the event to the computer, which then compares this information to the timestamp of the last scan by the electron beam, allowing the computer to locate the exact location of the pen.What is light pen in computer.

What is the difference between mouse and light pen?

What is light pen in computer

A mouse is one of the most popular pointing devices. It is a cursor-control device, based on which is a small palm-shaped box with a round ball. Which senses the motion of the mouse and sends the corresponding signal to the CPU(central processing unit) when you press the mouse button. They are easy to use. And are not very expensive and move the cursor faster than the arrow keys on the keyboard. What is light pen in computer.


The Light pen is a pointing mechine just like to a mouse. It is use to select a menu item displayed or to draw a picture on the monitor screen. This light pen has a photocell system and an optical system placed in a small tube.

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How many types of light pens are there? What is light pen in computer.

What is light pen in computer

) Corded Light Pen: – The oldest light pen is with a cord that connects to the back of the pen. These types of pens do not need to be recharge, the cord can be cumbersome.

2) Battery Light Pen: – Cross Light Pen

When it is in use it glows. The pen produces a bright light and can stay on its battery for a long time.

3) Design Pen: – Light Pen is also a type of pen that allows designers to sketch using light.

4) LED Light Pen: – This pen produces bright colors when squeezed.

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