What is a cob light. Best thing about COB lights 1.

COB lighting and SMD LED are the two major sources of light nowadays. Both of these devices, led by Bob, produce high quality light and have a high life expectancy with the best efficiency to this date. What is a cob light.

As we know that light emitting diode is a new technology, which has the advantage of high output corresponding to the input power and very long life (about 10 times). The technology is flawless compared to old traditional lighting like fluorescent lights, which are player inefficient and large in size.

This COB LEDs are likely new in the LED market and have many advantages over traditional old alternatives. It has many names like Flood Lamp, Downlight, Focus Lamp etc. What is a cob light.

What is COB Light?

What is a cob light

Single board-mounted LED chips to act as sources of light are known as COB lighting. It is also called COB LED. The full form of COB lighting is chip on board illumination.

This is a chip like substance made of small diodes combined in parallel and series to form a chip and this is capable of delivering high concentrations of light called a chip with high luminous intensity. Look at the image showing several small LED diodes on a large chip.

In contrast, SMD LEDs are devices that have few diodes and have low light output capability. What is a cob light.

COB is a modified form of SMD LED. The SMD LED is a surface mount LED diode and is just a smaller version of the COB.

What is the need for a cob light?

If we have SMD-LED then why do we need the leadership of COB? This may be a question that arises in your mind. The main reason is the output lux and power handling capability of the device structure.

Some cob lights come with wide-angle projection, which is use to divert the light across the area, thereby increasing functionality.

In contrast, the SMD LED when mounted on a PCB requires an external diffuser that causes energy loss when the light beam passes. What is a cob light.

It is manufactur in such a way that it is easy to handle and install and comes with large beads / pins.

Suppose we need ~ 5000 lumens, then we can use a single 10W COB LED instead of using 15 numbers of 1W SMD.

Advantage of cob led:

What is a cob light

High lumen (greater than 1.5 × SMD) from 150 lm / watt @ 350mA to 250 lm / watt @ 20mA.

High light concentrations due to multi-diode integration.

Compact in size due to the fact that the light emitting area is reduc-ed. As a result, the lumen is greatly increas per square centimeter / inch.

  Lower operating temperature of the entire assembly due to ease of installation in the external heat sink. Lifetime and reliability are improv-ed when maintain-ed at a certain temperature, which means saving money for you. What is a cob light.

  Larger focusing area, as it can cover a larger area with a single chip.

  Reduction in loss of light due to the use of clear lenses. Increases clarity and contributes to increased efficiency.

Application: What is a cob light.

The possibilities for COB LEDs made it a wide range of equipment from domestic use to industrial utilities, some of them are:

Wide-angle beams made them useful in LED lighting fixtures for installation in living rooms, and large halls. What is a cob light.

High-bay lighting, streetlights and downlights.

In a large stadium, playgrounds, gardens require high lumens at night time.


Less repair of light fixtures, which uses COB chip. This is due to the fact that if some of the single diodes in the entire COB are damag-ed due to technical faults, the full COB should be led with the new one.

But in the case of SMD LEDs, if any of them undergo failure, it is easy to replace and get back to work with little cost.

The need for properly designed heat sinks. If the heat sink is not install-ed properly, the diode will be blown off due to overheating. Large amounts of heat are generat-ed by highly concentrat-ed light waves emanating from a small area. What is a cob light.

As a well-engineered external power supply it needs constant current and voltage as any wedge in the supply can damage the diode.

Costlier than SMD chips.

Difference between COB LED and SMD LED:

COB Lighting vs SMD Illumination Table:

                                          COB LED                                                                                                 SMD LED

Output lumen

(lm / watt) 150 lm / watt @ 350mA to 250 lm / watt @ 20mA ~ 100 lm / watt @ 300mA

Efficiency                         higher                                                                                       lower

Mounting difficulty         easy                                                                                           medium hard

What is an LED driver? in What is a cob light.

What is a cob light

The LED driver is nothing but an external power supply use-d to power an LED. It is a fully regulat-ed DC power supply as opposed to the domestic AC power supply 120V / 230V.

The external power supply that drives the LED is call the LED driver. They convert high alternating voltages to low voltages so that power LEDs can be replaced. Thats all about What is a cob light.

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