What are the best Led Garage Lights Ideas & Buying Guide

     Modern garage home compared to family car. Today, garages are used for storage, recreation and workspace, so there is a real need for better garage lighting. The best lighting for garages should be bright, efficient, easily accessible and secure. Here are some led garage lights –

   Whenever you are working on a project in your garage, doing some kind of maintenance, or just need to find something there a few months ago, it always helps to give lots of light (our outdoor motion sensor See the Lights Review). This is especially important in a garage-like place where traditionally some windows can make it difficult to illuminate with natural light.

    This is a situation when you will be well introduced to LED garage lighting ideas, while keeping in mind that incandescent lighting may work, it is ultimately an inferior option. Nevertheless, LED garage lights seem to resemble exterior appearances with some important qualities and a dozen or so additional features. led garage lights.

what are the best led garage lights  Ideas & Buying Guide

    For example, figuring out which LED garage light is best for you can be a difficult and confusing task. This is why we have put together a list of the 5 best LED garage lights that outperform each. Then we provide a useful buyer’s guide, so that you can find the best LED garage light to suit your needs.

1. Hykolity 4FT LED Vapor Tight Light

Customer Reviews:     4.2/5 stars.    20+ ratings

Up to 75% energy savings – Hykolity Vapor Tight Lighting Fixture provides 6600lm in 5000K daylight, fully than 3 lamp T8 32W fluorescent lighting Parking Garage, Carport, Cold Freezer, Stovewell, Tunnel, Food Processing Facilities, courtyard for car washing, barn etc. led garage lights.

Easy and quick installation – Our vapor-proof parking garage light fixture is easily installed on the roof with included mounting clips.

LASTS uses 50,000 hour-waterproof shop light maintenance-free energy efficient LEDs to run 23 years at 6 years / day and reduce replacement frequency

WEATHER-RESISTENT – Vapor-proof light is self-enclosed and designed to withstand moisture, impact, dust and extreme temperatures: -4 ° F (-20 ° C) to 104 ° F (40 ° C), which is indoor Suitable for or outdoor space

5-year warranty -ykolity based in the United States, offering high-quality products at affordable prices backed by a 5-year warranty and professional after-sales support.led garage lights.

Introduction to Hicolity Vapor LED Fixture

Highly durable vapor proof LED fixtures are the perfect solution for any wet spot. This fixture resists moisture and wetness, which focuses on extreme weather and wear resistant designs, making these lights a new standard for commercial and industrial lighting.


Durable Stability – Heavy Duty Seal Fixtures. Engages against the danger of dust, dirt, moisture and moisture with its hard body and bright light

IP65 Waterproof – LED vapor light is designed to handle the harshness of moist working environments. sock resistance, such as storm, sand and wind proof.

Energy saving – This LED is used with 6600lm for vapor stability. Instantly saving 75% electricity bill.led garage lights.

Wide application

Parking Garage, Carport, Cold Freezer, Car Wash, Cold Storage

Ladders, tunnels, horse barns, canopies, boiler rooms and any other place where moisture is a concern.

Food Processing Facility, Small Warehouse, Industrial Facility, Maintenance Area

Specification of garage lights

Power: 60 W

Lumen: 6600lm

Color Temperature: 5000K Daylight White(led garage lights)

Driven voltage: 100-277V AC

Dimensions: 47.24x 3.54 x 3.15 inches

2.   Barrina LED Shop Light(led garage lights)

Customer Reviews: 4.6/ 5 stars.   89+ ratings

Super Bright – Barina 4 ‘led shop lights bring the best lighting available to your application with an incredible minimum of 110lm / watt. Brighten the dark corners of your space

Energy saving – Save up to 60% on your electricity bill by replacing a fluorescent tube with up to 50W of consumption with only 20W in these LED strip lights.(led garage lights)

Easy Installation – These LED lights can be hardwired for plug and play or wall switches. In addition you add up to 8 lights in a 48-inch chain connecting the cords. Reducing your installation and wiring costs

Comfortable – 4000K design for anti-glare eye protection. There is no buzzing. No flickering. Mercury or hazardous materials not use. No UV or IR radiation

What you get – 3 year unlimited warranty. 8 * T5 Fixture + 4 * Power Cords + 7 * 48 ” Structure Cords + 2 * Hardwired + 8 * Install Accessories


Watt: 20 W

Brightness: 2200LM (each light)

Color: 4000K

Input Voltage: AC85 ~ 265V

Color Rendering Index (CRI): 85

Package: 8-Pack

Working Base: Plug and Play

Feature: addable

Wide application

Perfect for garage, storage area, workspace, basement, house, barn, office, station, attic, workshop, general lighting, display area etc. led garage lights.

led garage lights

3.  Sunco Lighting 16 Pack 6 Inch Slim LED Downlight

Customer Reviews:  4.2/ 5 stars.    326+ ratings

IC Rated – Sunco’s slim LED downlights are IC rated, meaning the junction box is thermally protected and is installed in a roof surrounded by insulation. Worry free installation, our retrofits will not overheat and may cause a fire in the roof or overhead joist space.

SIMPLE INSTALL – Sunco’s LED slim downlights are equipped with a junction box, which means they don’t need a can. Cut a hole in your roof to size, then fold the spring loaded bracket while pushing into the hole. Install directly in your garage, kitchen, family room, bedroom, bathroom and common area in your home or office on ceiling lights and sealing for seamless dimming. led garage lights.

ETL CERTIFIED & ENERGY STAR LISTED – We maintain the highest standards for all our products by testing each product for optimum performance and safety. Our slim downlights are instant, meaning no buzzing or flickering for eye comfort. Environmentally friendly means there is no mercury in our light and it does not emit UV or IR.

SUNCO Benefits – 7 Year Warranty! Sunco is proudly based in the United States, offering quality products at affordable prices backed by industry-leading warranty and knowledgeable support experts.

4.  LEONLITE 40W 4ft Linkable LED Utility Shop Light(led garage lights)

Customer Reviews: 4.5/ 5 stars.    168+ ratings

Energy Saving: This Energy Star-worthy light gives you the same performance savings as traditional fluorescent lighting, but uses 60% less electricity. When you replace your old light with it, it saves you money easily

Professional Design: The PVC support plate and PC lampshade is durable and the pull chain selectivity switch makes it quite easy to operate. You can connect up to 5 lights simultaneously for a more flexible lighting option.

Fast Installation: Run Plug-n-Play Design Easily DIY has installed this light in a very short period of time, being incorporated by all the necessary hardware to hang the light.

Super Lighting: The 4000lm ultra-bright light flickers or buzzes instantly without any fuss and has an amazing service of 50,000 thousand years.

COMMON APPLICATIONS: You can mount or suspend this light, making it ideal for garages, basements, workshops or wherever you need large area lighting.

5.  5000K LED Shop Light Linkable

Customer Reviews: 4.6 / 5 stars,    1,127+ ratings

Super Bright – This LED shop light provides 4200 lumens in 5000K daylight white. It has a staggering LED efficiency of 110 lm / W!

Durable – on / off switch included cord. Made of mixed aluminum for long lasting LED light stability.

Extensive applications – widely installed in garages, workshops, vertical areas, storage areas, warehouses, basements, equipment rooms, and more.

Easy Installation – Uses plug connections to connect multiple lamps. Hanging hardware is included for an easy installation.

5-year warranty – 5-year warranty means we have you covered! Contact us if you encounter any problems.

How many shop lights do you need for your garage?

Each light will cover a 7ftx7ft area when installed at 8-10 feet, if you have a 20ftx15ft garage that can park two cars, (20 * 15) / (7 * 7) = 6.12 you will need to light the space. 6 pcs of them may be required to deliver. .

This light can also be used as an overhead workbench light with a pull chain to switch on / off.

To Whom to Worry: This light may have a slight light flare after being closed by the bridge chain, which will not happen when the power is completely cut off from the wall switch. This will not cause any safety hazard such as electric shock or leakage of electric current. thanks for your attention.

what are the best led garage lights  Ideas & Buying Guide

While there is no officially defined rating to judge the power of an LED garage light, there are many different qualities that are considered in conjunction with each other, one can reasonably infer that LED garage lighting How powerful it will be.

   Light power

Some properties are slightly more relevant to determine how well the LED garage light illuminates your space, but it’s best to remember that none of the properties are ultimately more important than others. Regardless, it is worth noting that watts and lumens will usually determine how well the LED garage light illuminates the space more and more, while the temperature of the LED garage light is more or less relevant, depending on which objects.


While this is not inherently a gauge of how well an LED garage light will illuminate your location, it still provides some valuable information. For example, light bulbs that require more light have a tendency to produce more light.

Keep in mind, this is a very different quality to how bright the light is, which is determin-ed by the lumen. Instead, the bulb’s WhatsApp gives you a rough idea of ​​how much light is being store outside. Remember that very few bright lights will be much less effective than a great deal of dimming light, although emphasized as before, when looking at how well two LED garage lights will illuminate your space Both are ineffective.


In truth, the color temperature of light is not really a great gauge of how well an LED garage light will illuminate your space, but it will subtly affect how easily you can see different objects. In particular, the color temperature of the LED garage light will affect how well certain colors are against the light.


Unlike the actual bulb, the LED garage light frame is design more for the body and in terms of the LED garage light frame. That said, some different materials are use, each with their own benefits and disadvantages. Nevertheless, there are many different qualities that all share the materials that should give you some idea of ​​how manufacturers expect their LED garage lights to be used. For example, all materials use in the manufacture of LED garage light housing are waterproof, suggesting that manufacturers expect LED garage lights to be regularly expose to water or install-ed in moist, damp areas.


As we can see, there is not a single LED garage light which is going to be the best product for every person due to different types of needs and circumstances. That said, there are still many ways that we can distinguish these LED garage lights from one another that best suits your needs. Whether you just need the brightest bulb available or just something that can get through you, there is an LED light for you.

If you are looking for a bright LED garage light that we have reviewed, we recommend the Hykolity 4FT Vapor and Water Tight Proof LED Garage Light. Apart from the fact that it makes the best 5200 lumen list, it also offers a solid IP66 waterproof rating. Although it is slightly more expensive, it puts a great deal of neutral light and can be folded together.

Of course, not everyone needs full-genius or more expensive LED garage lights, which we have reviewed. If this describes you, we would like to recommend Lionlight. Although it may not cast the most or the brightest light, Lionlight is still capable of producing more than enough light for most needs. On top of that, this is the only LED garage light we review-ed that can also be combined with a flush.

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