Some Best 12 Volt Transformer for Led Lights


Low voltage halogen bulbs and some LED lights require the use of an additional electronic device known as a transformer (for halogen bulbs) or a driver (for LED lights). Transformer for Led Lights.. Transformer for Led Lights. Both these devices reduce the AC voltage to a much lower level than the main voltage but this is usually where the similarities end. In most cases a low voltage transformer, the type used to reduce the voltage for the halogen bulb, will only reduce the voltage the output remains as AC (alternating current). While in the case of an LED driver, the voltage has to be reduced, but the output also has to be changed to DC (direct current).

Dimming halogen bulbs and LED lights is dependent on the transformer or driver and is often indicated on the external casing or product technical data.

Type of transformer

Magnetic transformers will typically work with all MR16 LED lights, even though this FAQ article reveal-ed that the efficiency and extra power consumption was spent. ‘LED drivers’ are electronic DC power regulators specifically designed for DC LED lighting. They are not suitable for 12VAC (halogen or LED retrofit) lighting. The fundamental difference between the LED driver and the 12VAC electronic transformer output can found at the bottom of the page.

12V transformer and LED compatibility

When considering LED retrofit options for MR16 / GU5.3 halogen downlights, the buyer must understand not only the quality of the light, but also the compatibility of the transformer. Replacing your existing 12VAC transformer in addition to your lights can be costly and inconvenient, making it important that replacement LED downlights work well with your existing installation. The probability of compatibility between a 12V LED light and a 12VAC halogen transformer depends on a few factors:

Transformer for 12 volt led lighting(Transformer for Led Lights)

Now that 12V LED spotlights are becoming more common, a wide selection of dedicated LED capable transformers are coming on the market. Although generally slightly more expensive than a standard transformer, they ensure that the LED light bulb will last its entire lifetime. LED transformers also work efficiently thus saving power and covering small initial additional costs.

There are two basic types of LED transformers: constant current and constant voltage:

A constant voltage LED driver (ie transformer) will produce 12.0V DC. 12V LED spotlight bulbs and other LED units can be connect-ed in parallel in such a driver. Thanks to the parallel connection, if one bulb dies, the remaining bulbs will remain on.

A constant current LED driver will isolate a fixed current – for example, 350mA models are available for use with 1 watt LED bulbs (12V LED spotlights). The bulb must be connect-ed in series to such a device.

For 12 volt DC LED spotlight bulbs, the constant voltage option must be use. The Auraora AU-LED 16T, pictured above, is a constant voltage LED driver. This driver can be use for 16 12 volt DC1 watt LED spotlights, or any mixture of 1, 2, 3W etc. for maximum 16 W power consumption. There are three different parallel wiring connection points from the driver, making it easy to reduce the amount of wire required to connect a full lighting circuit.

The AU-LED16T has loop-in, loop-out primary wiring terminals, so there is no need for a junction box, and it provides short circuit protection, thermal protection (to prevent overheating), and surge protection.

Dimmable transformer

Standard transformers cannot be use-d with LED bulbs. Fortunately new dimmable LED drivers are coming on the market. They are still very expensive, but prices will come down over the next few years, and the additional savings of electricity are still enough to rule out additional additional costs.

Some 12V DC Transformer UL-Listed Lighting Power Adapter for LED Strip Lights

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Rated for 24 watts / 2A – 300 LED 3528 Power enough to run one roll sixteen feet of LED strip. Adjustable with 12-volt single color PWM dimmers and compatible with RGB controllers

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