Toughest exam in india, Most difficult examinations in India.

Success is never easily achieved, it has to be won through determination, hard work and persistent efforts. The toughest exam in India – Exams are the toughest moments for any student. Passing or failing the exam will determine his future prospects. His reputation among family and friends may depend on how well he has done in the exam. The harder the exam, the higher the level of anxiety. Now, the article aims to familiarize the students with some of the exams which are reputed to be the most difficult exams in India.

All the dream jobs and professions that can make your life dignified and comfortable. These are some that can be worn only after hard penance.

List of most difficult examinations in India

 UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE)(Toughest exam in india)

It tops the list as far as India’s toughest exams are concerned. The rigor of this exam is actually so popular that many did not dare to attempt for the exam. Even if they applied for it. Even if they proceed with determination, the candidates have to pass this exam in three stages. Such as Preliminary, Main and Interview. This is far from being easy, with the rejection rate being very high in all three stages.

The syllabus that one has to study in order to pass the exam is very vast. Success comes only to those candidates who are not only strong in their academics. But are also good in general knowledge and current affairs.Toughest exam in india.

Toughest exam in india

Strong analytical abilities combined with good communication skills should enable candidates to solve various problems plaguing the society. It is not easy to find these qualities in many individuals. Probably, therefore, the candidates who are select-ed are only in the hundreds, whereas every year more than 10 lakh candidates apply for CSE.

JEE Advanced

Toughest exam in india

The Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) is next on the list of most difficult exams in India. It is design-ed to ensure that only candidates with very good IQ levels enter prestigious institutions like IITs and IISCs to study engineering courses. The questions are the most difficult and cracking them is possible only for the candidates who are very well acquaint-ed with the topics.

Like the civil services exam, it too has several stages. Candidates will first have to go through the JEE Main which is held twice a year. A good pass percentage in Mains will only give a chance to participate in JEE Advanced. Many candidates do not pass the main in a single attempt as the questions are difficult, there are even more difficult questions to face in the advanced level exam. Perhaps that’s why the number of candidates enrolled in reputed engineering colleges is in the thousands, while the number of applicants for JEE Main is more than 14 lakhs every year.Toughest exam in india.

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)(Toughest exam in india)

This is one of those exams that is never a smooth sailing affair for students. Passing this exam will allow students to study postgraduate engineering courses in IIT, NIT and IIIT, but it is not easy as students who want to pass it have to pass in GATE. This is the real test here as the candidates appearing in this examination have to study the part taught in the four-year undergraduate engineering course at the same time. This is not an easy thing for everyone, which is probably why many people do not wish to write exams.

General Entrance Examination (CAT)

This is an exam familiar to most candidates seeking admission to business schools or management educational institutions. Although many people believe that this exam is not as difficult as the Civil Services Examination or Joint Entrance Examination, but it is not easy either. Long-term study, analysis of our level of preparation through regular mock tests is necessary to pass the test. The purpose of the test is to test candidates’ ability to handle a variety of situations that they are likely to face as business heads or managers.Toughest exam in india.

This interpretation is done through questions related to logical reasoning. Even language skills are put to the ordeal. Which means that candidates should not only be strong with business related issues, but also have high language skills. This is the difficulty that probably passes the CAT to around 1500 or 2000 candidates, when in reality around two to five lakh candidates apply for it.

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (UG)

Studying the medical graduate course at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences is also not an easy task, thanks to the AIIMS exam. A pass in this examination will allow students to study medicine at any of the seven campuses of AIIMS. The question paper is the most difficult and requires good preparation to crack, along with the number of seats is limited while the number of applicants is always more than the requirement.Toughest exam in india.

The questions are tough and seats are limit-ed which only means only exceptionally high marks can ensure a seat and marks are scored with good preparation.

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) (UG)(Toughest exam in india)

The exam is a recently launched one, yet it earned the reputation of being the most difficult soon after its introduction. This examination allows candidates to pursue graduate studies in medicine and dentistry in all colleges located all over India. About 10 lakh candidates attempt this exam every year for more than one lakh seats. A good pass percentage in NEET can only be obtain after mastering a vast part in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This study should be done in a short period of time as NEET comes soon after the completion of the Plus-Two or equivalent examination.

Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT)

It also has the reputation of being one of the toughest exams as only interested candidates with very good knowledge of law will be able to pass it. Only for very long preparation candidates will be able to acquire this knowledge. By passing this exam, candidates will be able to study law courses in reputed law colleges or universities in India. BA LLB (Hons), BSc LLB (Hons), BA LLB (Hons) are among the courses that interested students can study in reputed institutions after passing CLAT.Toughest exam in india.

UGC National Eligibility Test (UGC NET)

Hardest Exams in India – A complete study of the syllabus of the respective Master’s course will only pass the UGC exam. This is not easy to do because It is not so easy to study two-year postgraduate lessons in a short period of time. The number of seats is limit-ed and this makes matters even more difficult.

A really good pass percentage in the exam will allow candidates to enter the posts of Assistant Lecturer and Junior Researcher Fellow (JRF). A good pass percentage can be obtain-ed by systematically studying two-year postgraduate lessons in a shorter time frame.

National Defense Academy (NDA)

Toughest exam in india

Toughest Exams in India – It is also a part of the elite club of toughest exams in India. Passing this exam will allow the candidates to pursue a bright career in the armed forces. The candidates appearing in this examination have to prove their knowledge in academic subjects in the first phase.Toughest exam in india.

The candidates will participate in the Services Selection Board Interview (SSB Interview). Where the candidates have to prove their physical and medical fitness as well as ability to handle common tasks effectively. A Very little aspirants will be able to do this.

Chartered Accountancy Exam

The Chartered Accountancy Examination is another three level examination conduct-ed by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). It is a set of 20 exams in the entire syllabus of CA. Indias one of the most difficult course is Charter-ed Accountancy.Toughest exam in india.

1. CA Foundation: – This is an ICAI entrance exam for Chartered Accountancy. It is a set of four exams with objective type questions in which you have to score a minimum of 40% in each subject with a total of 50% marks.

A: Fundamentals of Accounting B: Business Law

C: General Economics D: Quantitative Aptitude

2. CA Intermediate: – This exam is also known as IPCC Intermediate Examination, in which eight papers are conduct-ed. You can crack it in a single attempt which consists of eight papers or pass the exam in groups of two consisting of four papers each.Toughest exam in india.

3. CA Final: – This is the final examination after the articleship, in which eight papers are conduct-ed. You can crack it in a single attempt which consists of eight papers or pass the exam in groups of two consisting of four papers each.

Completion of CA is like getting golden egg due to huge syllabus and tough exam pattern. This is another top 10 toughest exam in India with 0.1% results so far.

The conclusion(Toughest exam in india)

As I have discussed earlier, thousands of examinations are conduct-ed every year in India. Some exams are entrance examinations for academics while some exams are for government jobs. All exams are tough on their level, but these exams are distinguish-ed for their difficulty level and competition.

Although these are the most difficult examinations, they are a symbol of excellence in education and career. As a student, it is the medium of education and learning that makes us learn.

So this is the end about Toughest exam in india. Thanks for reading.

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