Tata sky not working after recharge. Refresh Tata-sky setup Best trick 2021.

Tata Sky is one of the largest organization liked by many users in the country. Tata Sky services are liked by people due to its impressive picture quality and wide list of channels. The extensive list of channels includes affordable packages that they can choose from when subscribing to their services. Tata sky not working after recharge.

Currently, Tata Sky is offering its users a one-month balance in the form of cashback on account recharge for 12 months. This not only gives users the opportunity to browse through their favorite channels while enjoying a great time at home, but they will also get a month of free cashback on their Tata Sky account.

Although, many users enjoy the services of the DTH provider, some have problems with the set-top boxes of their accounts. Some of the major problems that many users may not understand are how to refresh the Tata Sky set-top box and sometimes how to refresh their Tata Sky account after recharge. There are a lot of difference in between the two of them. Here is a guide on how to refresh the Tata Sky set-top box and account. Tata sky not working after recharge.

Tata sky not working after recharge

If you are using TataSky and do occasional recharges and that too after disconnection, then this post will be very useful for you.

Most of the time, you will not get the listed channels as soon as you pay. This will display the message for the subscription for that channel.

You can easily receive the channel by giving a missed call from your registered mobile number.

Note: Make sure your TV and setupbox are on and show error messages

Give a missed call to +91 80892 80892 (soft refresh) 1 minute more

If still not active, try giving a missed call to +91 90405 90405 (heavy refresh).

If the above mentioned  step did not work , then something else could go wrong, please contact TataSky Support.

Also note, this can only be done from the registered mobile number of your TataSky account. Tata sky not working after recharge.

How to Unlock Tata Sky Signal Lock?

Here are some tricks that you can try to fix the Tata Sky no signal problem in your DTH.

There are 4 ways to solve this no signal problem which are mentioned below.

Method 1:

First try to restore the signal level by applying master reset. Select Master reset option from the menu and then restart your set-top box.

Keep the LNB parameter as it is and then select Satellite INSAT 4A-14. After that you will then be able to see the level of signal strength that you are receiving.

Method 2:

The next option you can try is to re-align the low-noise block down converter (LNB) on the dish antenna. It should be in optimum condition to reduce the noise level and thus improve the signal strength in your DTH.

Method 3: (Only for Advanced Users)

If you are well versed about the satellite parameters, you can try changing the satellite settings by changing the INSAT 4A settings of your DTH.

You need to do a little digging in the menu to find these options. But be advised, it is better to leave this step to the technician unless you know the settings very well.
Turn on your DTH STB and press the “Organizer” button of your Tata Sky remote

Then go to “System Settings”

Press 0 and 1 together and then press Select on your Tata Sky remote

Then the complete installer setup opens. You can then choose the settings according to your needs.

But only do this if you know what you are doing!

Method 4: Easiest

You can directly Technician by sending SMS NS to 56633 or give a missed call to the number 08899888998.

But if none of the above steps work or you are not sure how to fix Tata Sky first-time installation settings, call a technician for help.

Tata sky not working

Tata Sky STB will mainly show No Signal issue on below listed scenarios:

  • The climatic condition is not good (cloudy climate)
  • Signal cables are not connected properly
  • Mini dish(s) alignment changed or changed (or moved)

There are some basic troubleshooting steps you can follow to resolve this issue before reaching out to customer support.

  • If the weather is cloudy, wait until it clears.
  • If the weather is clear, check whether the signal cables are connected properly and reconnect the signal cables after turning off the STB.
  • Restart the STB after reconnecting the signal cables.
  • If the problem is not resolved then check the signal strength and quality by pressing the organizer button on the remote, if the signal level is still zero it means the STB is not receiving the signal (the position of the dish may have changed or There may be some other signal related issues), there you need to contact the customer helpline to arrange a visit of the technician to your premises.
  • Hope this will help.

How to refresh Tata Sky set-top box?

If you are experiencing problems like no signal, irresponsible set-top box or DVR recording problems, then you need to reset or refresh your Tata Sky set-top box. To reset your Tata Sky set top box, follow the steps given below-

Switch to set-top box

Press the “Organizer” button on the Tata Sky Remote.

Select the “System Settings” menu in Tata Sky.

Simultaneously/ At a time press the “1” and “0” buttons and then press the “Select” button on the Tata Sky remote.

Here, you will get the installer setup where you can easily reset your Tata Sky account. Tata sky not working after recharge.

How to activate my suspended Tata Sky account? Tata sky not working after recharge.

Tata sky not working after recharge

To resume/ reactive your suspended Tata Sky account, first  login to your Tata Sky account and then go to the ‘Get Help’ section. In the ‘Get Assistance’ section, click on Get Assisted Support and Profile Account and Profile ‘and then select the option’ Resume My Service ‘. If you are unable to see the service even after restarting, then make a missed call to 9040590405 from your registered mobile number. Tata sky not working after recharge.

First time installation settings tata sky

How can we refresh the Tata Sky account if we do not have a registered mobile number (RMN)?

If you do not have a registered mobile number, you can refresh your Tata Sky account via SMS. After the space and Subscriber ID, type HR and send SMS to 56633. You will be charged 3 rupees as SMS fee. Keep the TV and set-top box on during the process.

What is Tata Sky Customer Care Number?

 Tata Sky Customer Care number number is 18002086633 (toll-free) to resolve your queries / complaints.

What is Tata Sky WhatsApp Number?

Tata sky not working after recharge

Tata Sky WhatsApp number is similar to their customer care number. You can Whatsapp Tata Sky on 18002086633.

How long does the account take to refresh? Tata sky not working after recharge.

Typically, it takes 2-3 minutes after completing the refresh process for your account.

FAQ about Tata sky not working after recharge.

What should I do when I install Tata Sky for the first time?

For Tatasky, you need to call the helpline and they send you an installer to your address and if you are installing it for the first time, you will not be charged any amount. If you are relocating to another area, you can call the helpline so that technicians can visit the premises and install it.

What is LNB setting in Tata Sky?

The default Tata Sky LNB frequencies are same as 09750 and above 10600. In the “Entry Point” settings, you can see a list of Tata Sky Transponders or TPs. When you click on this transponder, you will see the option to edit the frequency and symbol rate.

What should I do if Tata Sky set top box is not receiving signal?

A: Go to Tatasky App on your mobile >> Help & FAQ >> Raise a Request >> In the Request Nature option, select the dropdown, ‘Unable to view services’ >> This will bring up a button ‘Refresh’ . Click on it and wait for few minutes, hope it will solve the problem.

How do I install Tata Sky?

Steps to Get New Tata Sky Connection Online
Visit the official website of Tata Sky- www.tatasky.com/web/portal.
Here some new options will appear in front of you and select your preferred box type.
Then on the next page select your preferred plan and box.
Click on Book Connection.
Here a new window will open in front of you.

How do I reset my Tata Sky set top box?

Press the “Organizer” button on the Tata Sky remote. Select the “System Settings” menu in Tata Sky. Now press the “0” and “1” buttons simultaneously and then press the “Select” button on the Tata Sky remote. Then here you will find the installer setup where you can choose to reset your Tata Sky account easily.

Why is Tatasky not working today?

If you are facing “No Signal” issue on your Tata Sky set top box then it may be dish antenna alignment issue or some other hardware issue and you should contact Tata Sky customer care on 18002086633 which will be their toll Have a free helpline number and register. complaint.

How do I refresh my set top box?

o Reset your set-top box manually:
Unplug the power cord from the power outlet to your set-top box for 15 seconds, and then plug it back in.
Wait for the set-top box to appear, then turn it on.
Wait several minutes for the Interactive Media Guide to update.

What is Soft Refresh in Tata Sky?

For a soft refresh in tata sky, you have to give a missed call on +91 80892 80892 from your registered mobile number and wait for one minute. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to opt for a heavy refresh. For Heavy Refresh you have to give missed call on +91 90405 90405 from your registered mobile number.

How can I start Tata Sky after recharge?

How to Refresh Tata Sky Account After Recharge? And to refresh your Tata Sky account, just give a missed call to 9040590405 from your registered mobile number and wait for 2 or 3 minutes. Your Tata Sky account will be refreshed in no time.

So this is the end of Tata sky not working after recharge. Thanks for reading.

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