Pqwl means in railway, What does PQWL mean?

Most of us travel by train if we want to go anywhere in India whether for vacation, to visit relatives, to attend weddings, etc. and each one of us wants that our journey to be comfortable. Therefore, we book tickets on the train, and booking tickets in Indian trains is like a blessing.Pqwl means in railway.

Sometimes we are confirmed, sometimes not. If our ticket is not confirmed, it has written some briefs like RAC, PQWL, RLWL, GNWL, etc. Have you ever thought about what this abbreviation means? Here we will tell you about each abbreviation, but before that let us show how we can book a train ticket. Pqwl means in railway.

How to book train ticket(Pqwl means in railway)

Train tickets can be booked 120 days before the date of travel. Tickets can be booked by the railway station, authorized ticket agents and themselves through the ticket booking counter at IRCTC.

It is now an old thing to wait in a queue and book a ticket. Now, most of us prefer to book tickets from the online railway ticket booking platform IRCTC. As it is easy to book tickets through IRCTC and we do not have to wait in queues for long. Just login with your user ID and password. Pqwl means in railway.

Enter your source and destination address – Passenger name (maximum 5 passengers can be add-ed to a ticket). Pay the amount, and your ticket is book. You will get a unique 10 digit PNR number which has all the details regarding your ticket. It also shows the status of your ticket.

Whether it is book or waiting, and if coincidentally comes on your ticket, you pray that your waiting is cleare. Your ticket is confirm as the online waiting ticket is automatically cancel after preparation of the chart.

What does PQWL mean?

PQWL stands for stand pooled quota waiting list; It is one of the many waiting list types that appear on a reservation ticket. This type of ticket waiting list status is usually share between several smaller stations. Generally, pooled quotas operate exclusively from parent stations or source stations of a particular route; Another fact is that there is only one pool-ed quota for the completeness of a single run. Pqwl means in railway.

In general, this pooled quota is specifically allocate to a passenger when it is between two or two intermediate stations from one station to the last or ending station from one source station, or even one termination to an intermediate station. Is traveling to the station. station.

RLGN -(Pqwl means in railway)

RLGN is the remote location for the common waiting list. After the passenger has book-ed his ticket under RLWL, it is name RLGN.


– RSWL stands for Roadside Waiting List. This type of waiting list is allocat-ed when seats / berths are book-ed for roadside stations. From source stations. Since these are roadside stations and not important stations, this type of waiting list is very unlikely to be confirm-ed. In this case, distance restrictions do not apply when booking.


– RQWL stands for Request Waiting List. This type of waiting list is allocat-ed when a ticket is book-ed from one intermediate station to another intermediate station. Seats book under this quota will only be confirm-ed if another passenger who has booked a ticket from the source station to that intermediate station has canceled their ticket.


– TQWL stands for Immediate Waiting List. Tickets under this waiting list are book-ed when tickets are book-ed under the Tatkal Ticket Scheme. If the other passengers had book-ed it under the Ticket Scheme, their ticket was cancel-ed, then the seats under this TQWL quota would be automatically confirmed. During chart preparation, GNWL is preferr-ed over TQWL.

How to book PQWL tickets?(Pqwl means in railway)

The status set on the waiting list is assign-ed to a ticket that is to be confirm-ed within the duration of the booking process. When you book a ticket for a particular station that issues tickets with the quota submitt-ed (PQ), you are given tickets with the status of the waiting list of tickets available, or, PQWL if PQ All other tickets are available in. Already booked.

We will show how to get a PQWL status ticket with the help of an example; Even if you book a ticket for a trip from Bangalore (SBC) to Rajahmundry (RJY) at the behest of the Guwahati Express (2509), you are likely to be given tickets by the pool quota (PQLL).

How to confirm PQWL?

When a passenger needs to check if their PQWL ticket has been confirm-ed or delayed and is yet to be confirm-ed, they need to enter their PNR number about any preferred PNR status provider Is directed. When this action has been taken, the user should check and evaluate whether their current booking status displays RAC or CNF. Both mean that the ticket has been confirm-ed or accepted.Pqwl means in railway.

CNF means that the passenger has obtained a common berth, while RAC means that the passenger has been allocated one of two berths on either side of the compartment. Also, that neither CNF nor RAC is present, it means that the ticket has not been confirmed yet. It is an important point to remember that tickets only change to the status of CNF or RAC if the already reserved passenger cancels their reserved reservation.

When is the PQWL chart ready?

Pqwl means in railway

A special number of seats, which should be taken as quota, is assign-ed to every station where any specific train stops. The total number of these particular stations is also direct-ed to create a private chart which details the passenger’s details about the time of departure of the train from its parent station 3 to 4 hours in advance.

In the event that a particular passenger’s ticket not confirm-ed before the chart prepar-ed, their money is completely refund-ed and their ticket is automatically cancel-ed.Pqwl means in railway.

Can a PQWL status ticket be easily confirmed?

Tickets granted to this status on the waiting list will only be advanc-ed to a confirmed status upon cancellation of someone else with the possession of an already book-ed Tatkal ticket, so your waiting list position is less likely to confirm your ticket . Since any 10 over it is a waiting list ticket that is against the pooled quota.

Can PQWL passengers board the train?

Only passengers of confirm-ed status are legally empower-ed to board the train. However, in the special event that even at least 1 passenger ticket on the waiting list is promot-ed to RAC or CNF, another passenger ticket remains of the same status, for whatever reason, on the chart. Even after technical fault. They have not been cancel-ed and are not legally allow-ed to board the train until their ticket has been canceled.Pqwl means in railway.

However, you can also ask TTE if a seat is available and if available, pay for the available seat.

What is the difference between PQWL and WL?

Pqwl means in railway

PQWL – means a pooled quota waiting list.Pqwl means in railway.

Its number refers to the actual total number of tickets booked under an actual quota.

This is only an indicator of how many tickets are on the waiting list under a PQ.

The ticket belongs to PQWL only, if the passenger is traveling from one source station to one station or less than the end station,

Or, between two intermediate stations, or even, from an intermediate station to a finished station.

WL – means waiting list.

This number basically refers to the actual current status of the waiting list.

This is the number that a passenger has to check while checking the status of their ticket.

All tickets are includ-ed in the WL, regardless of the station.

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RAC Full Form in Railways(Pqwl means in railway)

When booking a reservation ticket against cancellation of reservation (RAC), if a passenger gets a ticket under the RAC, the chance of verifying his ticket is higher than any other quota. After preparing the chart, if the reserv-ed ticket is in the RAC, the ticket is not cancel-ed, and the passenger can board the train, and the passenger will get half a berth.

This means passengers with two RAC tickets will get a single lower berth. Under RAC there will be a symbol R on the ticket follow-ed by the coach and seat number. For example, if RS2 is 21 after chart preparation, it means coach S2, and the berth number is 21.

TTE is oblig-ed to allocate berths to RAC passengers, which become vacant after the chart is prepare. RAC is not a quota, but sometimes we call it a RAC quota.

This is all about Pqwl means in railway, Thanks for reading.

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