Missouri department of insurance, steps to provide relief .

This is the State Insurance Department, They are mainly in insurance department receives, researches, investigates and resolves individual consumer complaints against insurance companies, agents and brokers. The department provides educational materials and assistance to consumers regarding insurance questions and coverage provisions.Missouri department of insurance.

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The Department of Commerce and Insurance regulates consumer service industries in Missouri by encouraging a fair and open market. Establish coherent and developed policies that balance the interests of consumers and professionals.

Enforce state laws and laws governing business to protect consumers from unfair and unequal behavior. The department is funded through fees and assessments from industries and professionals regulated by the department rather than state general revenue. Missouri department of insurance

Website     http://www.dci.mo.gov

Industries     Insurance

company size      501-1000 employees

the headquarters       Jefferson City, Mo.

Type     Government department

Specialty Consumer Affairs, Insurance Company Regulation, Insurance Market Regulation, Administration, Finance, Banking, Credit Unions, Professional Registration and Licensing. Missouri department of insurance.

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Jefferson City, MO 65102, US

Mo. Department of Insurance takes steps to provide premium relief during COVID-19

Missouri department of insurance

Jefferson City, Missouri, April 11 – The Missouri Department of Insurance released the following news:

COVID-19 has impacted every type of business and service worldwide, including the insurance industry. As always the insurance community navigates in these unprecedented times. many companies are moving on their own. To provide much needed relief to their policyholders facing difficult circumstances and uncertain future.Missouri department of insurance

According to the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI). many insurance carriers operating in Missouri have decided to refund a portion of their premiums to help their customers.

To date, Allstate, American Family, Geico, Shelter, State Farm and USAA have chosen to offer some form of premium relief to their policyholders, and others are set to do so.

DCI has taken steps to provide an expedient review of all the evils related to COVID-19 premium relief strategies which are presented by insurance companies. Director of the Department of Commerce and Insurance, Shlora Lindley-Myers.Missouri department of insurance.

Expresses her strong admiration and gratitude for the companies that pledged to offer a measure of relief to consumers those lives have been literally disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic .

Department of insurance

DCI Director Lindley-Myers said, “I would like to personally thank the insurance companies that are making every effort to assist and relieve Missouri’s consumers during times critical to our state and our country.”

. ” whatever these companies are offering premium relief strategies on themselves and their leadership. community service and support. However to get relief they are providing direct and immediate financial relief to those who need it.” Missouri department of insurance.

Miss McClellan, Shelter Insurance’s director of public relations. Who owns a company in Missouri, said that many of her clients are under home-stay orders and social take-away mandates. So they are running fewer miles and have fewer Are facing accidents.

On April 8, Shelter Insurance Group of Companies announced a decision to issue payments to its policyholders representing approximately 30% of their personal auto monthly premiums for the months of April and May.

“It has been a difficult and challenging time for so many people. As we began to see that we were facing fewer personal auto claims due to fewer drivers on the road.

It became clear to us that this was for our policyholders It was the right thing to do, “McLennan said” . It’s just a small way of getting a big solution for us. “Missouri department of insurance.

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Lastly Companies are rolling out their premium relief strategies according to their best estimates of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on their customers and are continuing to evaluate the situation.

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