Mediclaim vs Health Insurance, Which Should You Buy?

Do you think you are healthy? Well, if yes, we are happy for you. But are you 100% sure that you will be healthy in future too? No, none of us are. It is better to plan for yourself and your loved ones and be stress free in future.You don’t know where to start right? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Mediclaim vs health insurance.

There are two ways by which you can get the best out in case of medical emergency, one way is Mediclaim and the other is health insurance plan. We will explain you both which will help you to evaluate better.Mediclaim vs health insurance.

What is Mediclaim?

Mediclaim may be a insurance policy that gives you financial security at the time of medical emergency. All the subsequent expenses are taken care of when hospitalized;

In the event of an accident

In other hand of sudden illness or surgery

Also in case of any surgery during the policy tenure

There are two sorts of mediclaim-cashless and reimbursement.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance cover that provides you complete coverage for medical and surgical expenses just in case of emergency. If you’ve got a insurance , you either pay out-of-pocket expenses, which are later reimbursed by your insurance firm or the insurance firm settles the bill directly with the hospital. Mediclaim vs health insurance.

Both look alike right? But you’ll be surprised to understand the differences between the 2 .

Difference between Health Insurance and Mediclaim


Mediclaim only provides coverage against hospitalization expenses; That is, you can claim it only if you are hospitalized only.

There are no add-on covers with Mediclaim.

The hospital cover in Mediclaim is limit-ed and does not exceed Rs 5 lakh.

Mediclaim is not flexible.

Health Insurance

Health insurance provides a comprehensive cover that is more than just hospitalization expenses. Some of these expenses include annual health checkups, daily hospital cash, OPD expenses and alternative treatment Ayush. Mediclaim vs health insurance.

There are many add-on covers such as Critical Illness Cover, Maternity Benefit and Infertility Cover.

Health insurance cover is comprehensive and is decid-ed on the basis of age, city, number of members in a single plan, etc.

Health insurance plans are flexible and can also be customiz-ed.

Mediclaim and health insurance benefits

Mediclaim vs health insurance

Benefits of mediclaim

You can get immediate coverage from medical expenses on hospitalization.

If you choose a cashless mediclaim policy, your insurer pays the expenses directly.

If you opt for reimbursement, your money will be reimbursed by the insurer

Benefits of health insurance

Gives you a wider coverage

Offers you many add-ons

You can opt for a family floater health insurance plan to cover all family members under a collective health insurance policy.

Pre and post hospitalization expenses are cover-ed

Also it gives you the option to opt for a critical illness cover

You can opt for benefits like outpatient benefits, maternity benefits, reinstatement benefits etc.

Honestly for your parents, you can opt for a specific senior citizen health plan.

Cashless claims available(Mediclaim vs health insurance)

Also check idaho state insurance fund.

Which Should You Buy, Mediclaim or Health Insurance?(Mediclaim vs health insurance)

Mediclaim vs health insurance

This decision will depend upon many factors, such as:

Your financial situation

Health is dealing with you and your loved ones

Another thing whether you believe in long term or short term planning

Whether you need flexibility in your health plan

Whether you will need add-on cover and benefits

Willingness to pay higher or lower premiums

Take care of his or her family members age, standard of living, medical condition

It is not difficult to choose one of the two if you know what would be best for you and your loved ones, keeping all the above factors in mind. And also if you need more information, get in touch! We are always ready to help you.

This is all about Mediclaim vs health insurance. Thanks for reading.

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