LED light bulb decorative is symbol of beautiful Art Top 3.

Abstract: Plamen LED bulbs are pieces of sculptural light that fuse art with technology. LED light bulb decorative- These energy-efficient designer light bulbs provide a large wow factor with minimal aesthetics, exploring the interaction of distinctive geometric shapes and visually intriguing lashes.

For most of its history, the light bulb has been hidden in an unbroken light source, because of its integrity and / or the need to soften light and control optical distribution. Many people note that the light bulb is an object specially designed for functional illumination and has to be integrated with light fixtures to make the light visually pleasing.

This notion has been increasingly reinforced since the emergence of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. These mass-produced light bulbs come in standardized form factors and produce light through frosted glass or plastic diffusers. Dull regular shapes and ethereal lights cause a lack of decorative imagination, a lack of artistic expression or a lack of atmospheric statement.

Design in LED light bulb decorative

LED light bulb decorative

The rise of industrial-inspired design and a revival of minimalist decoration styles nurtures lighting designers with traditional incandescent bulbs in their look and ambience. The incandescent lamp has become a legend in the decorative lighting industry as it exudes a gorgeous quality of light and develops an intimate look. This beautiful touch full of warmth creates the beauty of the Victorian era. The raw beauty of the filaments elevates the feeling of any commercial or residential installation.

However, we cannot caught in the past. And given its decorative appeal, tungsten filaments that evoke the interior old-fashioned nature and sparkle of incandescent lamps challenge the creation of a lighting solution that retains the timeless look of incandescent lighting while offering contemporary beauty and a visually comfortable environment keeps. This is why the invention of LED filament bulbs, which combines the outdated elegance of incandescent light bulbs with the modern energy saving benefits of LED technology, does not fully address the need to present the on-trend look of exposed lamping .

Consumer LED lighting seems to stray from its widely accept-ed traits as the market is filled with dirty-cheap, poor-quality, tiny LED bulbs, let alone design-driven innovations. Isn’t it unusual that a synonymous bulb of ideas, an object, almost disappears from the designers’ toolbox? Bulb-centric fixtures designed to create the minimalistic, sculptural look of the bulb on display and make it a great hub in the center of kitchen islands, dining room tables, living rooms, home offices and other hospitality, residential locations has gone.

If old-style filament LED bulbs fail to make the main point in contemporary design plans, is it not possible to liven up art in everyday lighting with exposed lamping? Does this mean that meeting sustainability goals with LED technology has to be at the expense of striking design?

LED light bulb decorative for surrounding.

The good news is the answer to the above contradictions. Plumen offers a distinctive range of LED bulbs that bring art and surroundings together. The British-based company made its name by combining beauty and function – ‘plum’ (in reference to the ornamental feathers of birds) and ‘lumen’ (the standard unit of luminous flux that is photo metrically bright bright flux).

Started in 2010 with Design Innovation in CFL Bulbs, Plumon gives light bulbs a unique character and undeniable glamour, turning everyday lamps into a true conversation piece.

In the era of solid state lighting, Plumen has created artistic design with sustainable technology to create more energy efficient, long-lasting light bulbs that combine industrial influences with distinctive sculptural qualities.

The breathtaking design language of the Plamen light bulb also wins over the most discriminating designers and trendsetters who toss their lampshades and confidently feature bare bulbs. Exploring the interaction of geometric shapes and visually intriguing glitter, these energy efficient bulbs provide a large wow factor with minimal aesthetics.

Plum 001

The Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer light bulb that adopts energy efficient technology. The original 001 was design-ed around CFL technology to make a strong statement against boring and utilitarian bulbs imposed as standard by large lighting manufacturers. The release of the product attract the attention of the global press and was also recognized with several design awards.

001 has moved from CFLs to LEDs to keep pace with advances in lighting technology. Either in an element or in series and groups, the Plamen 001 LED provides a dynamic, sculptural look that makes it an attractive, contemporary centerpiece, and not the latter.

Plum 002(LED light bulb decorative)

LED light bulb decorative

The Plumen 002 LED has been upgrad-ed from its CFL predecessor which was design-ed by HULGER and Bertrand Clerk. In contrast to Plumen 001’s stunning look, Plumann 002’s subtle, yet dynamic geometry produces interesting echoes in the square and the interesting spaces they usually inhabit.

The elegant relationship between the more traditional appearance of the exterior silhouette but also the contemporary interior silhouette results in a very three dimensional look that is wide and sensational from every angle. Embracing the poem of light, Plamen works wonderfully in the series 002, singly, in every form, or in bunches, clean and regressive or loose and biologically.

The bulb is designe to create low-intensity surroundings and warm tones for those who enjoy the Edison bulb’s atmospheric glow with an energy-efficient twist. Equivalent to a 25W incandescent light bulb, the Plumen 002LED light bulb decorative produces 245 lumens of 2200K very hot white light (80 CRI) at 4W power consumption.

The bulb is also blurry and compatible with most rear-edge dimers, allowing it to be use in many applications requiring subtle light control to create the perfect environment.

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Plum 003

LED light bulb decorative

The Plumen 003 is a stunning centerpiece capable of creating an atmosphere as the focal point of any interior. The LED light bulb decorative combines the spotlight’s functional illumination with the warm, flattering omnidirectional glow of a candlelight. Like its sister model, Plamen 001 and 002, 003 is a work of art in itself.

Thanks to the contribution of the French jeweler Marie-Laure Giroux, the designer bulb has an optical assembly that produces breathtaking accent lighting through multi-layered reflection and refraction. Intense LED beams delicately cut with beautiful metal optics that look incredibly beautiful.

Gold optical assembly sparkles such as an intricately sliced ​​gemstone or an ornate precious metal. The warm, dazzle-free, flattering ubiquitous glow gives a cozy atmosphere to interior spaces. The downward light produces a pool light that is bright enough to illuminate a task, whether you are working, reading, writing or eating. The 6.5W LED bulb produces 250 lumens of 2400K warm white light and works with most rear-edge dimers.

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