LED Grow Lights for Hydroponics and Aquaponics.

There is a lot of debate about vascular plants, which require a period of “darkness” to grow. Although I will save that discussion for another day, it is not a debate that plants need light. Traditional agriculture works best during the summer months when the days are longer when the sun comes out. However, indoor agriculture gives growers the ability to determine how much light the plants receive. Led Grow Lights for Hydroponics- (led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

Generally, T8 bulbs have been used to provide light to indoor plants. However, LED lighting has become increasingly popular among indoor producers over the past several years. This is due to the cheaper cost and advanced photosynthesis that results from their use. My own research has shown LED lights to be cheaper than traditional lighting methods. In addition, most LED grow lights have red and blue bulbs. The funky looking color light scheme, which appears purple or pink to the naked eye, is no accident. Red and blue visible light are present in wavelengths of 440 and 640 nanometres respectively. When plants are exposed to light at these wavelengths, photosynthetic peaks and plants can reach their healthiest state.

Based on the above information, I decided to buy an LED strip light for my aquaponics system. I bought two, 16 foot strips for $ 32, adapter cable to hook the light. To be honest, I doubted the ability of these lights for my entire performance. However, after three days of use, I am very pleased. The lattes are no longer lime, and have very strong structures. The pictures are lettuce plants introduced a few years ago. I did not transfer the plants to the cup sooner than I would have liked, but I still think they will recover. I do not currently have water running through the system, but expected in a few days. The pictures below are three days after the light.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 300 w 12-band LED Grow Light – Best in Market

The Advanced Platinum Series P300 can produce two to three times the output of regular LED lights and is perfect for growing most crops in an indoor hydroponic setup.

Features(led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

The Advanced Platinum Series P300 produces the highest for each watt of energy provided, giving you a bang for your buck and an optimum position for your plants.

The twelve band spectrum was designed to provide all the light frequencies required by plants for photosynthesis.

There are two ways to choose from vegetable (VEG) and flower (flower). Depending on what type of plant you want to cultivate.

The design

The newly designed aluminium casing, combined with quiet fans ensure that the device does not overheat and can operate safely continuously, giving you ease of mind when you need to grow crops.

Rising lights require well-designed heat sinks to efficiently and consistently remove heat.

For energy efficiency, LED lighting uses only 400 watts of power, while 400 watts of light and heat is delivere to your plants. This is due to the high efficiency LEDs installed in the device.(led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light(Led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

The Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light is a compact and stylish grow light that is smaller in height than other brands, but offers much higher light output at a fraction of the energy cost.


Instead of individual 3-watt LED bulbs, the Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light comes equipped with a 10W dual LED. Power consumption is only a part of its actual output at 450 watts.(led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

Again, this is due to the high efficiency, which is something we always need in alternative systems such as hydroponics, as we want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

The design

The Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light was design-ed to replace traditional grow lights such as CFL and HID.

With dual on and off switches on the back, you can easily control the brightness and intensity of the LED light so that you will have more control of your setup.(led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

With the addition of a fantastic six cooling fans, the heat removal in the system is much more efficient, making the light safer to use indoors. Less heat means less chance of a burnout.

GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Lights(Led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

The GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Lights is a top of the line replacement for traditional HIDs as it is cost-efficient, power-efficient and also well priced.


This GoGrow V3 Master Grower can produce 3000-6000K of light, and produces a unique spectrum that maximises plant growth. The mixture of specific wavelengths was mean to increase the PAR for your crops.

Especially for growers who have an indoor setup, this growing light can be use for the seedling state, growing stage and full maturity setup.(led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

The 12-spectrum design of light can easily cover a 4 x 4 foot area (flower mode). If you switch the device into vegetation mode, the effective illumination area increases to 5 x 5 feet.

The design

This increas-ed light consumes by far the lowest power consumption in our lineup (320 watts), while effectively producing light that is 2-3 times higher than the actual energy input.

The beam angle is at ninety degrees and the device can be operate safely at -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum operating time per day is 18 hours.

Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED Full Spectrum 400W LED Grow Light(Led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

LED Grow Lights for Hydroponics

The Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED is a full-size LED Grow Light measuring 13.2 “x 13.2” x 3.75 “.


This grow light is assembl-ed with a total of eighty high-intensity LEDs, each operating at 5 watts. Rising light LEDs have an average power consumption of between 3 watts to 10 watts, so the Apollo model falls somewhere in between, which is just right in our opinion.(led Grow Lights for Hydroponics)

The manufacturer has rated LEDs with a lifetime of 50,000 hours, which corresponds to more than two thousand days. Under ideal conditions, you will be able to use your Apollo Horticulture to grow light for about six years!

The design

The complete package includes a 400-watt LED panel, a power cord and stainless steel clips for installation. This particular model is ideal for all stages of plant growth, but was specifically design-ed for the flowering and maintenance phase development of plants.

Grow tents and all types of hydroponics systems use this lighting system for large and small. The total effective area can be adjust-ed by increasing or decreasing the height of the light.

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