Idaho state insurance fund, Everything you need to know .

At Associated Insurance Services, we help our clients find the coverage they need at an affordable price. This is why we rely on the Idaho State Insurance Fund to provide our clients with the professional level service they deserve.

Since our inception, we have helped countless people throughout Idaho save money and enjoy the peace of mind that a policy of the Idaho State Insurance Fund offers. No matter your situation, our independent insurance agency can help you understand your exact insurance requirements and find a competitive price option for your next policy.

About Idaho state insurance fund.

The Idaho State Insurance Fund (SIF) was created in 1917 to provide a reliable and competitive source of workers’ compensation to Idahoans. Reliability, and Relationships are the values SIF embraces. As the business of insurance grows more complex, SIF enjoys the clarity and expertise of providing one line of insurance, in one of the best places in the world. This is the reason why we answer the phone: “Idaho Workers’ Compensation.”




Company size

201-500 employees


Boise, Idaho






1215 W State St

Boise, Idaho 83702, US

As the preferred provider of workers’ compensation insurance, we help organizations of all sizes derive more value from their coverage. From cost-effective premiums to streamline the claims process to improve work safety, we are committed to helping you increase productivity and reduce claim costs.Idaho state insurance fund.

Key feature(Idaho state insurance fund)

Idaho state insurance fund

We do all the functions of IDAHO

SIF has loss control, audit and field service representation located across the state. Wherever you are, we can be anyone in your office to help you and your customers.

House members announce the help of STREAMLINE classes

Inner baskets, not third parties, handle our claims. Keeping claims at home means that our injured employees and policyholders receive consistent customer service and support.Idaho state insurance fund.

The LOSS control team is free to POLICYHOLDERS

We work with policy makers to protect our employees, improve productivity and reduce claims. Our damage control consultants provide on-site supervisor safety training, cost analysis, site evaluation, and work overview – all free of charge.

Reduce CLAIM COSTS involvement with Optum

Our partnership with Epom, a leading health care cost containment company, provides prescription savings, access to the PCBO network, and contract rebates to reduce medical costs for claims while providing access to quality care. is.

SIF provides workers compensation insurance for approximately 35,000 businesses across the state. We are members of your community and strive to make Idaho a better place to live and work. Idaho state insurance fund.

In addition with a passion to serve, we truly care about the well being of Idaho employees.

Navigating the claims process(Idaho state insurance fund)

Unfortunately, accidents happen. We don’t have control on them and when they do, the best thing you can do is report them immediately. Your employees receive the fast, specialized care they are entitled to while your business needs its protection.

The moment we hear from you is the moment your employee starts his road to recovery.

Safety and training

Idaho state insurance fund

As you recognize we strongly believe that a security conscious work environment is one among the simplest business decisions you’ve got made, and our loss control professionals are committed to helping you achieve a secure workplace for your employees. Above all our expert team will assist you in creating or improving your current loss control efforts, will help you set up a claims management program, and will help you define and communicate your security objectives. For instance visit our security page to learn more. Idaho state insurance fund.

In other words we offer on-site loss control services including supervisor safety training, cost analysis, site evaluation and work overview.

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Keep your employees happy, safe and healthy.(Idaho state insurance fund)

Like what your business needs for new customers – what matters by keeping Idaho businesses strong to pay dividends to their customers – such as investing in the case. An SIF appointed agent can help you get the right policy for your business. Honestly speaking we have real people here in Idaho who like to help. Have a completed application? However Email it to

FAQ about Idaho state insurance fund.

Does Idaho Require Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Idaho Workers Compensation Law

In Idaho, every employer with one or more employees is required to have workers’ compensation insurance. This includes full-time and part-time employees, as well as seasonal and occasional employees.

How Do I Get Workers’ Insurance in Idaho?

How Do You Buy Workers’ Compensation in Idaho?
private insurance companies. Fill out Insurance’s easy online application to compare quotes from top-rated providers.
Idaho State Insurance Fund. The fund accepts certain employers that may not be accepted by private insurers.
Assigned risk pool.

Is there a short term disability in Idaho?

Short-Term Disability (STD) – Provides short-term (up to 22 weeks) income protection in case you become disabled from a covered injury or illness. Long Term Disability (LTD) – Provides continuous income when you are unable to work for a long period of time due to an injury or illness.

Is Workers Comp Taxable in Idaho?

All wages, tips, and other compensation earned or paid by employees for services performed in Idaho are subject to Idaho income tax withholding. Salary can be in cash or any other form.

Is there free health insurance in Idaho?

Medicaid provides free or low-cost healthcare for adults who have a variety of health needs. Health insurance tax credits created by the Affordable Care Act and paid to insurers to help eligible Idahoans with monthly insurance premiums.

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