How To Use Itunes Gift Card Instead of Credit Card in 2021.

What is an iTunes Gift Card? Can you use the iTunes gift cards for Apple Music? See the answers to these iTunes card questions and also how to use itunes gift card instead of credit card.

iTunes is Apple’s marketplace for all types of media, software, and entertainment. If you’ve been given an iTunes gift card, you can use it to buy apps, books, music, movies, and more.

If you’re not familiar with iTunes or have never received an iTunes gift card before, you may have some questions about how to use it and what to buy. Let’s address/ discuss about some of the most common iTunes gift card questions.

Note that with the release of macOS Catalina, Apple has deprecated iTunes in favor of separate apps, such as Apple Music and Apple Books. iTunes is still available on Windows, as well as a separate app on iOS.

What Is an iTunes Gift Card?

An iTunes gift card (commonly labeled as an App Store and iTunes card) is a pre-purchased credit for Apple’s various digital services. This is includes the iTunes Store—Apple’s media and software marketplace where you can buy music, movies, apps, and more. You can also use the iTunes gift cards to subscribe to Apple Music and other Apple services.

Keep in mind that iTunes gift cards are different from Apple Store gift cards. An Apple Store gift card lets you buy physical Apple products, such as an iPhone or MacBook, at Apple’s physical or online store.

This iTunes gift cards are available as physical cards, as well as digital codes delivered via email. Gift cards don’t expire, and once a credit is applied to your account, it won’t expire either.

You can redeem your card only in the iTunes Store from which it was purchased. Thus, the US gift card is only good in the US App Store.

How to Buy iTunes Gift Cards

You can buy the iTunes gift card in the following ways:

Online at Apple Store.

On iPhone or iPad: Launch the App Store app, tap your user icon, then choose Send Gift Card by Email.

Using a Mac running macOS Catalina or higher: Open the Music app, click iTunes Store in the sidebar, and select Send Gift.

On older versions of macOS or Windows PC with iTunes: Click the Store tab, then choose Send Gift.

At physical retail locations such as Apple Stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

If you don’t have a credit card, or are traveling and want to make purchases at the iTunes Store in another country, iTunes gift cards are a good way to pay for items. When needed, you can often find these online from secondary vendors.

If you’re lucky, you can find discounted iTunes gift cards on the cheap. Be careful when browsing gift card deals, as scams are prominent in this area. Review some important tips on how to spot free gift card scams to keep yourself safe.

Speaking of security, you should know that many common phone scams demand gift cards as payment for extraneous claims, such as overdue taxes or ransom payments. These are never valid, so if a caller demands that you buy thousands of dollars worth of iTunes gift cards for some reason, just stop.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards, also how to use itunes gift card instead of credit card.

Steps to redeem the iTunes gift card on an iPhone or iPad:

Launch App Store.

On the Today tab, tap your user icon in the upper-right corner.

Choose a redeem gift card or code.

Open your device’s camera to scan your gift card, or enter the code manually.

To redeem your iTunes gift card in macOS Catalina and later:

Launch the Mac App Store and then click on your name in the left sidebar.

Select Redeem Gift Card on the top-right.

If necessary, you can login with your Apple ID and password.

Use your webcam to scan the card or you can enter the code manually.

To redeem your iTunes gift card on a Mac or Windows PC first run iTunes:

Launch iTunes.

Next at the top of the screen, choose Account > Redeem.

Then sign in with your Apple ID and password, if necessary.

Enter your gift card code to redeem it. In how to use itunes gift card instead of credit card.

How to Check Your iTunes Gift Card Balance

Your iTunes gift card balance is also known as an Apple ID credit, because you can use it for a number of Apple services.

How to check your iTunes gift card balance from an iPhone:

Launch App Store.

On the Today tab, tap your user icon in the upper-right corner.

If you have iTunes credit, it is displayed below your name.

To check your iTunes gift card balance in macOS Catalina and later:

First launch the Mac App Store and click on your name at the bottom of the left sidebar.

If your credit is linked to your Apple ID, it will appear below your name.

To check your iTunes gift card balance on a Mac or Windows PC run iTunes:

Launch iTunes and make sure you’re signed in under Account > Sign In. If you’re signed in, you’ll see your Apple ID at the top of the dropdown list.

Click on the Store tab and check your balance in the top right corner.

If you don’t have a balance, you won’t see the value at any of these locations.

When you do redeem your iTunes gift cards, the balance is transferred to your Apple ID account. If you’re not sure whether you’ve already used a gift card, try redeeming it.

What can you buy with an iTunes gift card?

how to use itunes gift card instead of credit card

After redeeming, you can spend iTunes credits on the following services:

Also some Apps and games from the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, including Apple Arcade subscriptions.

And also some music, TV shows and movies from iTunes or the Apple TV app.

Books from Apple Books.

Some of the subscriptions that normally charge your iTunes account, such as Apple TV+ or Apple News+.

iCloud storage space upgrade.

Can you use iTunes gift cards for Apple Music?

You can use your iTunes gift card to pay for an Apple Music subscription. For that redeem your card as described above, then start an Apple Music subscription using the Music app on your iPhone, Mac, or Android phone. On Windows PC, you can subscribe to Apple Music using iTunes.

As long as you have credit on your Apple ID, your subscription will be deducted from that balance. After it expires, you’ll be charged with your primary payment method instead.

Can you use an iTunes gift card for in-app purchases?

Yes. As mentioned above, all digital purchases you make with your Apple Account will automatically use your Apple ID balance first. This means you can use your iTunes balance for in-app purchases, which include both subscriptions and one-time purchases.

Be wary of any in-app purchases that charge a direct payment method (such as ride-sharing apps or food delivery services) as they will charge the credit card you have for that particular merchant. In also how to use itunes gift card instead of credit card.

How to Use an iTunes Gift Card Instead of a Credit Card

When you sign up for an Apple ID, you are given the opportunity to add a payment method. However, you do not need to add a credit card to your account. If you prefer, skip the step of adding a payment method, instead redeeming a gift card to add credit to your account.

Remember that iTunes and Apple services will always use your iTunes balance before charging your credit card. There’s no way to purchase an app or pay for subscriptions with a credit card to protect your iTunes balance.

For example, if you receive a $100 iTunes gift card as a gift and you have an active Apple Music subscription, your subscription will use up that balance over time until it’s all gone . Once you run out of credit, your subscription will again use your default payment method.

Can you use iTunes Gift Cards in the Apple Store?

how to use itunes gift card instead of credit card

No. iTunes gift cards must be redeemed for the App Store, iTunes, Apple Books, and similar digital Apple services. The Apple Store gift cards are a separate product used for Apple hardware. They are usable at physical Apple Store locations as well as at Apple’s online store.

How to Add Funds to Your Apple ID Without a Gift Card

If you have a credit card linked to your Apple ID, you don’t need to buy a gift card for yourself. You can add funds to your Apple ID account by charging your payment method.

To do this on your iPhone:

Open App Store.

Tap the Today tab, then your profile picture in the top-right.

Select Add Funds to Apple ID, choose an amount, and complete your purchase.

On Mac or Windows PC:

Open the App Store on macOS Catalina. Launch iTunes on the old Mac or Windows PC.

On Mac, choose Store > View My Account. On Windows, choose Account > View My Account. Sign in again if needed.

Scroll down to the Apple ID Account section and select Add Funds to Apple ID.

Select the amount you want to add and follow the steps to complete the payment. In how to use itunes gift card instead of credit card.

How to Use iTunes Pass

how to use itunes gift card instead of credit card

If you don’t have a payment method on file with your Apple ID but don’t want to buy a gift card for yourself, Apple also offers a service called iTunes Pass. It lets you add credit to your Apple ID by visiting an Apple Store or other participating retailer.

To create an iTunes Pass:

Open the iTunes Store app on your iPhone.

Scroll to the bottom of the Music page and tap on your Apple ID. Sign in if you haven’t already.

Select View Apple ID.

Select Add iTunes Pass to Wallet.

You’ll see a preview of the pass. Tap Add in the top right to send it to your Wallet app.

Then, you can open the Wallet app to view your iTunes Pass. When it’s open, show it to a store employee and tell them how much you want to add to your balance. They will complete your in-store purchases and you will have access to instant credit.

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The world of iTunes Entertainment awaits

Now you know that which iTunes gift cards let you buy, how to use them, and where to check your balance. In short, since iTunes gift cards add credit to your Apple ID, they’re a great addition to any digital service Apple offers.Also whether you want to buy paid apps, subscribe to Apple Music or Apple News+, or get more iCloud storage, iTunes gift cards let you pay for it.

Thats all about also how to use itunes gift card instead of credit card. Thanks for reading.

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