How to Send Multiple Photos on iphone, Best trick 2021

A great feature of our mobile devices is that we can easily share photos and videos. You can use your iPhone or iPad to send multiple photos via email or message. And if you want to send recent photos, you can easily select multiple photos to send to someone in the Photos tab in the Photos app. Here’s how to send multiple photos on iphone.

How to send multiple photos on iphone

Open the photo app.

Select the photo at the bottom left.

If you are on the main screen of photos, tap on the bottommost moment, which will be all your most recent photos.

If you are in a more concise view of all the photos, either archive (grouped by date and location) or year, tap on any thumbnail to go from year to year to archive and then again to go to moments from the collection. Tap on the thumbnail.

Your moments will be sorted by day. The last moment will say today. These are your most recent photos, which start from the bottom and go back in time as you go up.

Tap Select in the top right corner. Select all the photos you want to share or send. The photo you select will have a blue checkmark.

Tap the share icon in the lower left corner.

It will show a menu that gives you the option to send photos via mail or message, or to share them via Facebook or iCloud.

If you choose mail or message, type in the recipient’s contact name and send your photos!

Now you can send a bundle of photos with a few taps.

Bonus tip

Want to attach more than 5 photos to an email message? Lets do it, in how to send multiple photos on iphone.

First, go back to a photo album, tap the Edit button, then select the photos you want to send — say, a few dozen or so.

Next, tap on the share button. You will not see the mail or message option; Instead, tap on Copy.

Go to the Mail app, create a new message, then tap and hold until a pop-up menu appears in the message body; When it’s done, tap Paste.

Presto! All the photos you copied from the Photos app will be pasted into your email message itself. However, keep in mind that the more photos you paste in the email, the longer it will take to send.

Thats all about how to send multiple photos on iphone.

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FAQ(How to send multiple photos on iphone)

How many photos can you airdrop at once?

Can I Airdrop 1,000 Photos? Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of photos you can send using AirDrop.

Why is airdrop so fast?

Airdrop works outside any WiFi network and does not need a base station. It is like a mesh network where all devices simply talk between each other. If there is nothing more than “sharing” the road – you get full speed. The farther away you are or the more interference you have, the slower it will be.

How do I transfer all my apps to my new phone?

Launch Google Play Store. Then tap on the menu icon, then tap on “My Apps and Games”. You will see a list of apps that were on your old phone. Choose the ones you want to migrate (you might not want to transfer brand-specific or career-specific apps from the old phone to the new one), and download them.

How do I transfer everything from my iPhone 6 to iPhone 11?

If you haven’t, just backup your old iPhone through iTunes. On your new iPhone 11/11 Pro, after setting the language and network on the new iPhone, select Restore from iTunes backup, and then connect iPhone 11/11 Pro to iTunes, select the backup and restore it to your new Restore iPhone 11/11 Pro.

How do I share my wifi password between Apple devices?

First make sure you’re connected to the network you want to share, then open Settings> Connections> Wi-Fi, or your phone equivalent. The selected network must also have the gear icon next to the network name. Tap on the gear, then select the QR Code icon at the bottom of the screen.

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