How to power led strip lights with batteries?

You may be wondering if there is a way by which you can power the LED strip which is both portable and reliable. Maybe you want to install it on your bike, vest or light panel for jogging / riding and you want something that is light and easy to install. How to power led strip lights with batteries.

It could also be that you only want the full ability to move from one place to another without the hassle of wall-attached cables for your LED suits for shows, concerts and things.

Believe it or not, it is possible to use batteries as an alternative to a power strip on our high quality LED strips.

Voltage and amperage for an LED application(How to power led strip lights with batteries)

Batteries have different sizes and shapes along with different types of amperage and voltage and they come with different cells.

Each cell is the voltage of the battery. For example, a 2S battery would have two cells, which when added is 3.7 volts per cell equal to 7.4 volts. Therefore the 3S battery will have 11.1 volts at nominal voltage.

When the battery pack is fully charged, the voltage increases to 12.6 volts for a 3 cell battery, which is too much power to adequately power an LED strip rated at 12 V DC.

Run time(How to power led strip lights with batteries)

You are probably wondering how long the battery will run down the strip. There are a lot of variables like the amount of LED strip you use, the type of LED, and the millimpact hours of the battery pack.

A rough estimate is that every 250 mAh (milliamp hour) will power a 16.4 ft strip for a 5-7 density, a single density strip, and a double density strip for 3-4 minutes. Based on that estimate you can calculate which battery will work best for your application. Lithium polymer (lipo) batteries can go anywhere from 250 mAh to 8000+ mAh.

Why do I need to use a battery to power an LED strip light?

The battery is an RGB-led strip light. Some places do not have easy wiring and AC220V power is not easy to use. Just a few places such as the basement, cabinets and cupboards, sinks, drawers, cabinets, garages, inside camping and inside cars. This place is not easy to reach. power.

As we know, some LED lights can use batteries. Just like a flashlight, camping light, some decoration light, some gift light. In the same way, we can use battery power our LED strip light.

And some times, we need to create a demo kit to show our LED strip lights to customers. And it is also not easy access power. So we need to use the battery as power.

How to connect LED strip light to battery?

How to power led strip lights with batteries

As we know, the battery consists of positive and negative. For this we just have to connect the LED strip light to the battery positive and the lead strip light negative to the battery negative.

And we connect a switch between the strip light and the battery to the battery. When you do not need to lead the strip light, you can turn off the power by the switch.

How to power RGB strip light with battery?

For some decorations, we require a color change LED strip light, such as RGB LED strip light. Then how to use the battery to power the RGB LED strip light?

First of all, we need to make sure that the RGB strip light you use is DC12V. Then we can use DC12V battery box as a power.

Second, we connect the RGB controller to the battery positive and the negative to the battery negative.

In third,  you connect the RGB LED strip light with the RGB controller output.

Then it will work.

From the top, we know that the LED strip light connect method is the same as we are using LED power supply.You can just change the LED power supply to the battery.

Can I use the battery to power my sensor cabinet light?

Some people may want to install LED sensor cabinet lights under the kitchen. Making lighting batteries while we are working in the kitchen. And sensor cabinet light may be a extremely popular product.

As we all know above, the battery box is DC12V.So you need to check if your sensor cabinet light input is DC12V. If the input is DC12V, the connect method is the same. Simply connect the positive and negative of the cabinet to the battery, positive and negative.

And I suggest you are using a rechargeable battery, so if the battery is out of power you can recharge. Which would be good for the environment and save costs.

How can I use LED strip lights in cars?

How to power led strip lights with batteries

Now many DIYers want to decorate their car with colorful LED strip lights.

We know that the battery in the car is a rechargeable battery, and the output of the battery is DC12V.So once we are using LED strip light inside the car. we’d like to form sure which wire is positive and which wire is negative from the battery. If you’re not conversant in car wiring, then you’ve got A battery to drive your car to car shops then to attach wiring for you.

How long can a battery power LED strip light last?

As we know that big battery, big capacity. Then when you are using the same LED strip light, a larger battery will power for a longer period of time.

When you are using the same battery, the smaller the power led the LED light, the longer the battery will use.

Just like our mobile phones, when we are using a new phone, the battery can use for 2 days. After using 1 year, it can use only 1 day. Then just like the strip light battery, the new battery will use longer, the old battery will use less time.

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The conclusion(How to power led strip lights with batteries)

1, the battery power strip light can easy. And it is easy to use where there is no easy wiring.

2, AA batteries, 3.7v rechargeable, and DC12V batteries are practical for LED strip lights.

3, Battery LED strip light is normally the same way to use as LED strip light. You can connect dimers, RGB controllers, CCT controllers, sensors, and more.

4, battery led strip light can be custom made. So if you have any idea for this battery led strip light, you can contact LightStack. We are always welcome.

Thanks for reading -How to power led strip lights with batteries.

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