How to connect led strip lights together ? Best tips 2022.

To connect your LED strip lights, you can either use a connector for easy attachment, or you can solder the wires to the strip, which adds more current and creates a more stable connection. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you cut your light strip with fixed cut points, to ensure that your lights will work. By using strip connectors or soldering devices, you will have lit the LED lights in no time! How to connect led strip lights together.

Cutting the strip. How to connect led strip lights together.

Measure your location to see how much light is required. Whether you’re using LED lights to illuminate a room’s range, illuminate a vanity, or decorate a window, you’ll need to measure the circumference where you plan to give them the space to know. Let’s make how long the strand is to buy. Use a measurement tape to measure the space you want to burn, writing down the measurements so that you don’t forget them.

It is best to buy a light strip that is slightly less than what you need which is very little.

Mark the strip lights where you will be cutting them. After you have mentioned the measurements of your location, now measure the light bar to know that you need to cut it. Use a measuring tape to locate the correct location, mark it with a piece of painter’s tape or a marker so that you don’t forget where the strip is to be cut. How to connect led strip lights together.

If you are not using the entire strand, you will need to stretch the light strip to measure it accurately.

Locate the specified cut points on the strip. Some of your LED lights will not work by cutting the strip in the wrong area. Your LED light strip will have a mark as well as a description of where you are allowed to cut, which is often marked by orange or brown dots, or even a small photo of the scissors.

If your intended measurement is not perfectly lined with marked cutting spots, you will still need to cut along designated lines to ensure your lighting.

The distance between the cut points will vary depending on the length of the light strip you purchased.

If your LED lights are super close together on the strip, you are likely to have many more cut points available, while far-reaching LED lights will have fewer cut points.

Make a cut along the marked cutting area using sharp scissors How to connect led strip lights together. Once you find where you want to cut, use sharp scissors to carefully cut along the cutting line specified on the strip. You can also use a wire cutter if your light extends far, being careful not to damage the lights.

Be careful to cut only with the cut point, because cutting too close to the LED lights will prevent them from working.

Connecting the Wires with a Strip Connector

How to connect led strip lights together

First you have to use a connector of strip that should works with your LED lights. Generally the main types of strip connectors are clip-on and fold-over types. When you choose a connector, make sure it works with the wires you’re using. Which will be in accordance with your type of strip light – with multiple colors for a RGB strip light for a monochrome strip light A separate connector may be required. Refer to the packaging that came with your strip lights for details about the particular type of light you purchased. How to connect led strip lights together.

If your LED lights are super close together. You will not be able to use the fold-over connector because it is not enough space to turn off.

If you are not sure which strip connector to choose, see the recommended strip connector for that specific brand and the strip light you are using. Next a clip-on connector will slide into the right strip. While a fold-over connector will be slightly bulkier and have a flap that attaches above the strip.

Slide the bar into the connector. Any type of connector you choose, you will still slide the end of the light strip into the open end of the connector, when you cut the strip correctly. Slide the strip gently to avoid damage to the strip or connector. How to connect led strip lights together.

Match and align the wires with the same color on the strip. The dots on either side of the cut line are the dots you use to align the strings. The light bar should have letters to tell you which colored wire goes where, making it easy to align them correctly.

For example, if your connector has 4 wires red, blur, green and black, you would align them with connection dots labeled R, B, G and 12V.

If you only have two strings that connect to your stripe, there will likely be a + and – signature on each side of the stripe.

Close the connector based on the specific type you are using. A fold-over connector is closed by clamping down on the flap until it latch. The slip-on connector will have a gray or black button on each side that you press to lock the strip. How to connect led strip lights together.

Make sure that your connector is not obstructing the LED light so that your strip works correctly.

With your strip light attached to the wiring, you are ready to plug in your light.

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Soldering the Wires Directly to the Strip

Choose a well ventilated area for soldering. Since you are a burning metal, if you inhale them, the fumes are not super healthy for your lungs. Try soldering in a well-ventilated area, or open a window for air to flow.

Choose a room that has a fan that is turned on, or you can also choose to do your soldering outside.

Wear safety glasses and protective gloves. Going also a good idea to tie your hair up out of the way if it’s long, and avoid wearing loose clothing that could get caught. Soldering irons are super hot, so use caution when using them to avoid any injuries. How to connect led strip lights together.

Make sure you wash your hands after you finish to remove any lead left from the solder.

Prepare the wires by soldering the ends. This is called pre-tinning the wires. Although all the wires you are using, use a soldering iron to add a little bit of solder to each end. This makes it easier for wires to connect to the bandage.

It doesn’t solder too much – it should barely be visible on the wire.

Add solder to each of the contact points on the strip. The contact points, which are right next to the cut line, are the points where you will place the wire to attach. Add a small point of solder on each of the contact points to prepare the points of the wire.

Place small bits of solder at each individual contact point, being careful not to add too much solder where it is all mixed together.

Use an iron to connect the wires to their respective contact points. Always make ready with the wires and contact points , place each wire at its corresponding contact point. Use soldering iron to attach the wires to the strip, working slowly and carefully to ensure that each wire is properly connected to the correct contact point. How to connect led strip lights together.

Line up the stars so that the colors match correctly with the label on the light bar.

It only takes a small dot of solder to securely attach the wires to the strip.

Avoid heating the wires for too long, or you can ruin the LED lights.

With the wires attached to the light strip, your light is ready to burn.

Can LED strip lights be joined together?

Unless you are lighting a very small project, chances are you will need to cut and connect the LED light strips with each other. This is actually one of the biggest advantages of choosing LED tape lights. You can join several strips together to bring to light large spaces and unusual nooks and cranes. There are two ways to connect LED tape to each other: How to connect led strip lights together.

How many LED strip lights can you connect together?

This is a fantastic question that we often find here at VATCO.

Depending on how you hook the strips, the length options are almost limitless. While doing so, you have to consider some logistics.

When determining how many strips you want to attach together, remember that along the wire, the resistance increases with distance. This is no different with LED strips. Wetco recommends, as a general rule, not to connect more than three complete strips end-to-end without connecting additional. High gauge power wires or additional power supply units in line. How to connect led strip lights together.

How do you connect LED Strip Lights in parallel?

How to connect led strip lights together

The option to connect multiple LED strip sections together is to wire them in “parallel”. This method involves making independent runs of LED strip sections, each of which is wir-ed directly to the power source. This reduces the amount of current that is requir to pass through any LED strip section, as they are wir-ed directly from the power source. This can go a long way in reducing the voltage drop capability.

So this is the end of – How to connect led strip lights together.

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