How to change password in hotstar, change Disney+ pasword 2021.

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Disney + Hotstar is an online video streaming app and website or you can say OTT platform.

Where you can watch millions of movies, dramas, comedy, sports and according to your genres and regional language.

Recently this app has added some new cool features to it and you might like it.

This app is available on both Apple and Android App Store or you can use this platform by visiting its website

In the early days of Hotstar, it offers all its videos, movies, dramas, serials, sports etc. for free.

But now, a few years ago the company partner with Disney and became Disney + Hotstar.

Where it offers a premium subscription to its subscribers. After getting Hotstar Premium or Hotstar VIP Membership.

You can access all Disney + VIP original shows in various regional languages.

How to change password in Hotstar using mobile?

Open your app.

Tab to the menu from the top left corner.

Click on your account name (My Account).

Then, click on Change Password.

After clicking, you will receive a reset mail on your registered email id.

Now click on the reset link and change the key.

Enter your new Hotstar key and confirm.

All your passwords have now been changed in the app.

How to Change Password for Hotstar in PC?

Login Hotstar Account.

Click on my account.

Click Change Password.

A notification message will appear on your screen. Select OK, found.

Please check your registered email id. A reset link has been sent.

Click on the Password button.

You will be redirected to reset the password page.

Type your key and confirm it.

Now go back to your Disney Hotstar page.

All your passwords have changed in your new password.(How to change password in hotstar)

How to remove/change Hotstar password and logout from all devices?

How to change password in hotstar

Login your Hotstar account and reset your password.

Now click on the menu icon

Choose My Account

In the Accounts and Security section, select Log out all devices.

Finally, your account is logout from all the devices you have previously logged into.

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How do I change my password in Hotstar Mobile?

Follow these steps to change the password.

1. Log in to your Hotstar account.

2. Go to the menu and choose My Account.

3. Select Change Password.

4. Check your registered email address. A reset link has been sent.

5. Relax your key and choose a new one.

All your identities have been changed.

Can we change hotstar password?

Yes, you can change the password by visiting your Hotstar app or website.

What is my hotstar password?

You will have to login your account and then go to the menu section on the top left corner. Go to my account. Where you can see all your account details and also change the password and your last transaction.(How to change password in hotstar)

How to Change Hotstar Email ID?

How to change password in hotstar

Login your account and go to the menu in the top left corner. And then go to the bottom help. You will be sent to a help desk page. Change Hotstar Email ID, choose your option and follow to change your email ID.

How to check hotstar id and password?

To check your account ID and key, log in to the app or website. Go to My Account to see your Hotstar ID and password and all your account details and transactions.

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