How to Block Someone on Spotify, Best trick 2021.

Spotify is a music streaming and service provider. People can listen to unlimited songs on Spotify for free. Today, many people do not create their Spotify accounts because they believe they can see their listening habits and use them to harass them. So lets begin how to block someone on Spotify.

According to one report, not everyone thinks the same, revealing that people use the listening habits of others to chase and intimidate.

Unlike social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Spotify does not allow users to stop checking their activities.

Its inbuilt settings make it a priority to spread this information with the world, serving your users’ networks more quickly, better finding new music. If you too are using Spotify, you give others a chance to check your listening habits as much as you feel.

In this blog, we will explore the options that you can use to protect yourself from jealousy and annoyance.

Spotify allows all its users to share activity with the public and followers. It has an inbuilt feature, so anyone who has an account on Spotify can view your playlist and even those who have recently played by you. If you have a Spotify account and are aware of that person’s username, you can search and follow any user. In how to block someone on Spotify.

As we said, you can’t block anyone on Spotify, but there are some steps that can help users keep their playlists and listening habits safe from all.

How to block someone on spotify

You can’t block someone on Spotify. But you can adjust your privacy settings. So users can’t see your activity. or your playlist. To do this tap Open your Spotify. IN how to block someone on spotify.

How to block someone on Spotify 2021

Private session

The most suitable option that Spotify allows is a private session option for its users. You can get this option by going into the settings of the mobile app and then searching the social tab, and if you have a PC, in the drop-down bar next to your profile.

This private session mode allows you to hide your music activities from everyone, even friends.

But unfortunately, this is not an optimal solution because private sessions automatically end after the user is offline for about 6 hours.

When it reopens it, it will run to its default settings, which again means allowing others to access your playlist.

And if you have playlists that are public, even if you’re in private mode, your friends and artists can see it. So how to block someone on Spotify.

Secret playlist

Spotify also has another feature; This is a secret playlist, which means that only the user can see the playlist.

But you take advantage of this only when you make changes through the desktop app after creating a playlist; Otherwise, it will be visible to the public.

To keep it a secret, you have to open the existing playlist and go to the drop-down bar next to the Play option and allow you to create a secret playlist.

Once you put your secret playlist, and after that, if you want to share it with your friends, they won’t see it. Thats in how to block someone on Spotify.

Select the artist you don’t want to listen to

Spotify has the option of not playing specific artists. When you create a playlist in public, this option

Will not play songs with any particular person.

To choose this option:

  Go to settings

Then choose “Do not play this artist”

After selecting this option whenever you create a playlist in public. This particular person will not

Be able to view your playlist.

Unfollow annoying person

how to block someone on Spotify

A simple way to hide privacy from annoying people is to unfollow them. Spotify shows your activities to others only when they are following you. For this you have to stop him from following. This is another method in how to block someone on Spotify.

Also check how many gmail account can you have.

Become anonymous

If you want freedom while listening to a song without any fear then this option is suitable for you.And if you do this by creating an anonymous account on Spotify, In this way no one will know who you are and enjoy listening to your favorite music.

To create an anonymous account, you must fill in false information and not link it to your Facebook account.

After this, each playlist you create has to be kept secret. As you do not want to follow anyone, there are still people who can get your profile and see all the friends and artists you are following.

And finally, whenever you use Spotify, make sure that the private session feature is turned on.

But there are still issues that need to be addressed for privacy when using Spotify after using all these steps; Anyone can get your anonymous profile and know a lot about you.

Since many people have used Spotify, Spotify must take some necessary steps to protect its users from harassment. There are many cases where girls reported that their ex-boyfriend used playlists to harass her.

As Spotify lacks a block feature, it allows others to check their movements and use them to intimidate others.

A petition was signed in 2015 demanding a change in policy, although people have filled the Spotify forums with numerous complaints.

Currently, Spotify has not taken any such step to prevent anyone from checking or stalking their profile. As regular users of Spotify, we need to take the appropriate measures to take the necessary steps and send our feedback to Spotify because privacy is one of the fundamental rights that every user expects.

This is all about how to block someone on Spotify. I hope you find this article useful.

And lastly if you have any doubts, do let us know in the comments.

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