How Much is an X-Ray With Insurance cost(cheap) in 2021.

If you need to have an X-ray, you can find out the costs associated with that procedure. We provides information about various medical imaging, including X-rays, to help you prepare for your procedure. So here is how much is an x-ray with insurance.

The following are some common X-ray procedures and associated fees at various facilities . The prices listed here do not include physician fees. Please contact your doctor’s office for physician fees and your health insurance provider directly for insurance coverage.

Specific X Ray cost:

  X-rays are usually covered by health insurance. For patients covered by health insurance, out-of-pocket costs usually include nothing if the plan includes an X-ray in full, or $10-$50 of a copy, or about 10%-50. % coin is included.

  For patients without health insurance, X-rays usually cost around $100-$1,000 or more. On average, X-rays cost $260–$460, according to[1], which varies by provider and geographic location. The actual cost/pricing of X-ray  depends on the provider, the part of the body being X-rayed, and the number of views taken. According to, the average cost of a finger X-ray is $100, $180 for an arm, $190 for a wrist, $200 for a knee, $280 for a thigh, $350 for a pelvis, Cost of chest X Ray without insurance. $370, and a full body is for $1,100.

   The average cost of more specialized X-rays, such as those of different arteries, veins, or tubes in the body, can range from $20,000 to $30,000 or more. Berger Health System in Ohio provides a price list[2] for X-rays that range from $203 for a single-view chest X-ray to $536 for a series of abdominal X-rays. Baptist Memorial Health Care in Memphis offers a value tool that estimates the cost of a hand X-ray at $95, two-view wrist X-ray at $142, collar bone X-ray at $147, three-view Knee X-ray at $179, a lower spine X-ray at $349, and a hip X-ray at $463; and X-ray of the artery $26,161 per vessel.

Position for X-ray

Average Pricing, Select X-ray Procedures

CPT/HCPCS CODEProcedure DescriptionPrompt Pay PriceDirect Pay PriceAverage (Estimated) Total
71101Ribs Uni w/pa Chest 3+ views$88$114$175
73130Hand 3+ Vws$88$114$175
72020Spine Single View Flexion/Extension$88$114$175
70360Soft Tissue Neck$88$114$175
73060Humerus 2+ Vws$88$114$175
73000Clavicle COMP$88$114$175

What should be included:

First the technologist will start the machine, which emits X-rays that pass through the area of   the body being X-rayed and create an image on an image recording plate or film. In some cases, the technologist will reposition the patient and take more X-rays than another view.

Afterwards, a radiologist [3], a physician specializing in imaging, will interpret the images and send and/or provide a report to the physician who ordered the X-ray.

Additional cost:

Depending on the results of the X-ray, the doctor may order additional tests, which may include an MRI, or a CT scan, which can cost $1,000 – $3,000 or more, or other tests.


Some clinics offer X-ray services. US The Department of Health and Human Services provides a locator [4] for clinics that provide subsidized care on a sliding scale based on income.

Many imaging centers and hospitals offer discounts of up to 30% or more for patients who pay cash. For example, Park Nicollet Health Services in Minnesota offers approximately 40% discounts on medically necessary services, including X-rays, for patients with a gross family income of less than $125,000.

Shopping for X-rays:

A family doctor or specialist may make a referral to a hospital or imaging center. Or, the American College of Radiology provides a list of accredited imaging facilities [5].

Any woman who is or may become pregnant should discuss the risks with her doctor when considering an X-ray. has information about X-rays and pregnancy [6]. provides a primer [7] on safety, radiation exposure and X-rays.

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What are X-rays usually used for?

how much is an x-ray with insurance.
  • fractures and broken bones
  • Infection (such as pneumonia)
  • Calcifications (such as kidney stones or vascular calcifications)
  • Certain tumors (although a CT scan or MRI scan is preferred for better accuracy)
  • Arthritis in joints
  • Bone loss (such as osteoporosis)
  • Dental problems (a special type of X-ray called a CBCT scan is usually used for this)
  • Heart problems (such as congestive heart failure)
  • blood vessel blockage
  • digestive problems
  • Foreign objects (such as objects swallowed by children)

How Can I Save on X-Ray Costs Without a Health Plan?

Go to a right outpatient clinic, their prices are usually 30-70% lower than hospitals, often as low as $45 – $250.

Pay by cash or credit card, you will be able to negotiate the best rate

Visit a cash doctor they are most interested in getting a long term patient so they can give you x-rays or other imaging scans at a very reasonable cost. X-ray pricing depends on several factors. in how much is an x-ray with insurance.

FAQ about how much is an x-ray with insurance

How many X rays come out of the pocket?

x-ray cost california

The cost of X-rays in California ranges between $140 and $714, based on pricing information analysis of 84 medical providers who perform X-rays in California. Patients who pay cash for X-rays pay as little as $60 – $107. First find out how you can negotiate the best rate for your scan.

How much does an ankle X-ray cost with insurance?

According to[1], an Ankle X Ray cost an average of $180, but some radiology centers charge $1,000 or more.

How much does an arm X-ray cost?

Typical X-ray Procedures and National Cost Averages

price range

  • Shoulder X-ray cost averages $110 – $1,850
  • Forearm X-ray Cost Average $140 – $1,450
  • Elbow X-ray Cost Averages $70 – $4,200
  • Wrist X-ray cost averages $120 – $2,175

Can you pay for private x-rays?

If you have private health insurance it may cover the cost of your tests, but even without health insurance, you can ‘self-pay’ to have an X-ray or scan privately in order to get the test. You can choose to pay. Quick and convenient at the time needed.

How much money does an xray tech make in a year?

How much do radiologic technologists earn? As of 2019, the national median annual salary for radiologic technologists was $63,120. The top 10% earned more than $89,760, while the lowest earned $41,480 or less.

How Much Does an X Ray Cost in Texas

The cost of X-rays in Texas ranges between $28 and $1738, based on pricing information analysis of 186 medical providers who perform X-rays in Texas. Cash-paying patients pay as little as $60 – $86 for an X-ray. Find out the way, how you can negotiate the best rate for your scan.

This is all about how much is an x-ray with insurance. Thanks for reading.

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