Cost u less insurance, Know details about this company.

Cost-You-Less insurance is an insurance company offering auto coverage and SR-22 policies for high-risk drivers. The company also provides tenant, landlord, family, life, identity and theft insurance. Currently, its comprehensive auto coverage is only available to drivers in the state of California. Cost u less insurance.

Ground level(Cost u less insurance.)

Cost-You-Less offers competitive rates and special auto plans for high-risk drivers, as well as homeowners, renters, and life policies and other coverage. As of publication, the company serves only drivers in California.

The pros

SR-22 Filing Options

Schemes for high risk drivers

comprehensive coverage


Subject to increase in prices

Limited for drivers in California

What is cost-you-less car insurance?

Cost-You-Less Auto Insurance provides coverage for a wide variety of vehicles and drivers in California. The company offers over 100 insurance options, including renters, homeowners, workers comp, health, life, identity and theft coverage, and currently has more than 80 locations. It covers high-risk drivers and offers policy discounts. Cost-U-Lace’s perks include free roadside assistance and SR-22 policies, although SR-22 filing costs depend on your driving record.

How does cost-you-less car insurance work?

Cost-You-Less offers free quotes and matches drivers with appropriate coverage. The company uses insurance scores, driving records, vehicle types, location, gender, and other factors to determine the quote. Policyholders can pay their bills over the phone, by mail or in person at the cost-you-less office.

Cost-you-less car insurance quotes and costs

Cost u less insurance

You can get a free insurance quote online or through the Cost-You-Less customer service line. The company takes into account credit scores and driving history, but also provides options for high-risk drivers. Its policyholders can get special schemes and low-profit, passive-moderation, multicar, security and anti-theft discounts.Cost u less insurance.

Is cost-you-less insurance good?

Cost-You-Lace offers competitive rates and thorough coverage, such as free roadside assistance, SR-22 filings and comprehensive policies. It offers a wide variety of standard and premium plans and covers a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, boats, and more. Cost-You-Lace can help you save money on comprehensive coverage; However, it is only available to drivers in California.

About cost u less insurance

Cost-You-Lace Insurance Centers have been providing California drivers with high-quality, affordable car insurance options from top-rated companies since 1989. With more than 85 convenient office locations throughout California, more than half a million California drivers have saved money with cost-you-less on their car insurance. Cost u less insurance.

Cost-U-Less insurance in California’s Office Locations

• .Los Angeles

• .Bakersfield

• Buena Park

• .Heyward

• .Montebello

• .nappa

• .Northern Highland

• .Novato

• .Oakland

• Porterville

• Redwood City

• .Sacramento

• .Salinas

• .San Jose

•Santa Ana

•Santa Maria

• .Santa Rosa

• .Stockton

• .Temula

• .Upland

•even more

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Website Cost u less insurance.

Cost u less insurance




company size

11-50 employees

the headquarters

Huntington Beach, California


privately held



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Specialty(Cost u less insurance.)

Auto insurance, homeowner and rental insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat or watercraft insurance, commercial or business insurance, identity theft insurance, health insurance, AD&D insurance, life insurance, and Motorhome and RV insurance. Cost u less insurance.

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