Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme 2021

Quality health care comes at a cost which is not affordable for the economically weaker sections of the society. One way to address this is by providing free healthcare in government hospitals. But sometimes treatment is not possible in district and sub-district hospitals. chief minister comprehensive health insurance scheme. In addition, the demand for advanced health care leads to long waiting lists for emergency and life-saving surgeries.

To prevent these challenges and ensure availability of advanced health care, the Government of Tamil Nadu launched a scheme called “Chief Minister Kalainar Bima Yojana for Life Saving Treatment” on 23 July 2009. This scheme is for the poorest / low income / unorganized. The groups who cannot afford the costly treatment as supplementary facility for free treatment in empaneled government and private hospitals for such serious diseases.

Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme

Mukhyamantri Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme was launched on 11 January 2012 with an aim to benefit 1.34 crore families.


Any family whose annual income is more than Rs. 72,000/- or less, members of the Unorganized Labor Welfare Board, and spouse, children and dependent parents of such members in urban and rural areas are eligible. All government employees, civil pensioners, ESI beneficiaries and families whose annual income exceeds Rs. 72,000/- but the members of any unorganized sector welfare board are not eligible under this scheme.

Covered Requirements

Under this scheme, the sum insured is Rs 1 lakh every year for a total period of four years for each family and for a total value of Rs. 4 million. In case of certain procedures, the limit will be increased to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum. Not less than 250 hospitals will be empaneled under the scheme. At least six hospitals will be covered in each district. Cities like Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai will have more hospitals.

The plan will cover 1,016 procedures, 113 follow-up procedures and 23 diagnostic procedures. The cost of the tests required for the treatment will also be part of the insurance cover.

What is Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS)?

Amma Swasthya Bima Yojana is designed for underprivileged families with low annual income. With this “Amma Maruthuva Kapitu Thittam”, she does not have to go through financial struggles at the time of medical emergency. This TN CM Bima Yojana provides coverage to the entire family with the help of cashless facilities.

What is covered under CMCHIS (Amma Health Insurance)?

Amma Swasthya Bima Yojana provides financial assistance in case of medical emergencies. With this CMCHIS health insurance plan, a beneficiary can avail the following coverage:

1. Hospitalization:

The cost of treatment is borne by the empaneled hospital. Also, the treatment must be specified in the list of permitted medical procedures under Amma health insurance.

2. Diagnostic Procedures:

The cost of hospitalization during a medical emergency is huge. However, a considerable amount is also required for clinical trials. These processes are covered under the scheme.

3. Follow-up Treatment:

Typically, follow-up is not covered under an occupational health insurance plan. But this coverage is given under Amma Kapitu Thittam. This further reduces the financial burden of medical treatment.

Some Best features of Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme:

chief minister comprehensive health insurance scheme

It is a useful health insurance plan with the following features:

1. Family-Floater Plan:

This Amma health insurance is a family-floater type of health insurance plan. All registered members of an eligible family can avail health insurance benefits under this scheme. One need not worry about future medical emergencies when covered under TN CM Bima Yojana.

2. Cashless Claims:

The beneficiaries of this health insurance scheme do not have to pay for the treatment in the empaneled hospital. This is a huge benefit for the beneficiary as he does not have to think about arranging money for the treatment. They can focus their attention on the well being of the patient.

3. Frequent Health Camps:

The empaneled hospitals have been directed to organize health camps at least once in a month. The beneficiary can get frequent free check-ups and follow-up treatments.

4. Coverage for Sri Lankan Refugees:

There is no limit on the income of a Sri Lankan refugee to enroll under Amma Health Insurance. Thus he can get uninterrupted healthcare at the desired centre.

5. 24×7 Support:

There is an an active call center has been set up to answer various queries regarding Amma Health Insurance. If a person faces any issue related to the health insurance being offered, they can easily find a solution.

Diseases And Treatments Covered Under CM’s Health Insurance Scheme:

chief minister comprehensive health insurance scheme

A large number of treatments are covered for various diseases under this health insurance plan. Here is the list of medical procedures that are covered under the plan.

Bariatric surgeryObstetric surgeryNeurosurgeryRadiation oncology
Cardiothoracic surgeriesHepatologyOphthalmology surgeriesSpine
DermatologyInfectious diseasesOrthopedic traumaStemi
ENTInterventional cardiologyPaediatric intensive careSurgical gastroenterology
Endocrine surgeryInterventional radiologyPaediatric surgeriesSurgical oncology
Endocrinology (follow up procedure)Medical oncologyPaediatrics plastic surgeryThoracic medicine
GastroenterologyNeonatologyPMRVascular surgeries
Genitourinary surgeryNephrologyPsychiatry

How to enroll in Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme?

The enrollment process for CMCHIS is not complicated. This can be done faster if the applicant has all the required documents. Documents are also easily accessible. Here are the steps to enroll:

Obtain income certificate from village administrative officer/revenue authorities.

You can take all the required documents to the enrollment centre.

Get the documents verified from the kiosk operator.

Thereafter, your biometric details like fingerprints, photograph, eye scan etc. will be captured.

Your e-card will be issued after verification and biometric scanning.

Documents required to apply for Chief Minister’s Health Insurance:

The following things are mainly required to apply for Chief Minister’s health insurance policy:

Income certificate

Ration Card (both a copy and original)

Self-declaration from the head of the family

The following documents should also be carried at the time of enrollment

Proof of identity

Address proof

Aadhar card

Pan card

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FAQ about chief minister comprehensive health insurance scheme

Who is eligible for Kapitu Thittam?

answer. Those who are permanent residents of Tamil Nadu can apply for this scheme. Unmarried or children below 25 years of age and parents of a family are eligible for this.

How do I add a family member to CMChistan?

Move your cursor to the ‘Menu’ tab and then click on the ‘Beneficiary’ option from the dropdown list. Next, select ‘Member Search/E-Card’, so that you will be redirected to a new page. Also provide the required details like your URN number, name, gender, ration card number etc.

How do I download CMChistan Card?

Open any web browser (Firefox or Chrome) and visit website address ( Click on the Minimal Health Records tab. Enter 22 Digit Smart Card Number (URN) Enter 10 Digit Mobile Number to receive OTP. Enter the captcha code.

This is all about Chief minister comprehensive health insurance scheme. Thanks for reading.

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