How to Change Name of iPhone easy Way 2022.

When you get a new iPhone, you’re given the opportunity to name it something unique, such as “Brian’s Awesome iPhone 12.” how to change name of iphone ?

But there are several reasons why you might want to change the name assigned to your phone during setup. Thankfully, renaming your iPhone is incredibly easy. In this article, we’ll describe the reasons why you might want to change the name of your iPhone, and how to do it.

Why Change Name of iPhone?

how to change name of iphone

While the name of your iPhone may sound private, it can be revealed in certain situations. For an example, if you want to  connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth device such as a car stereo, your phone’s name may appear on the screen. Your phone’s name may appear in AirDrop, iCloud backup, and even when it’s connected to a computer.

Maybe another reason is you named your iPhone something inappropriate, and now you want to change it to something else. Maybe you want to spice things up a bit.

Whatever your reasoning is, here’s how to change name of iPhone.

1. Open Settings

To change the name of your iPhone, the first thing you want to do is navigate to the Settings app. This app is probably on your Home screen, but if you can’t find it, you can also swipe down in the middle of your screen to bring up your phone’s search function. And from there, you can easily find the Settings app by typing “settings” into the search bar.

2. General. click on

After you open the Settings app on your iPhone, you’ll want to open the tab labeled “General.” Here you will find a bunch of different settings for your phone.

3. Click About

Once you get to the General tab, you want to click on “About”. About page gives you various information like serial number on your phone. This is also the page where you can change the name of your iPhone.

4. Click on Name

Once you go to the About page, click on the name to rename your iPhone.

5. Rename your iPhone

After navigating to the Name tab, you are now able to rename your iPhone. Select “Done” to save the new name for your iPhone.

And there you have it! Whether you want your name to be more discreet or something more specific, renaming your iPhone is simple. in how to change name of iphone?

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FAQ about how to change name of iPhone

Why does my iPhone say someone else’s name?

Go to: Settings > Contacts > My Information > Select your Contact Card. First go to: Settings > Siri > then my Info > and select your contact card. On your iPhone, go to: Settings > Siri – Disable, wait for a few moments, and then re-enable Siri.

Why does my phone say a different name when I call?

Your contacts have overlapped. You have merged 2-3 contacts together so if your mom calls you it is showing as your friend. If you’re on Android, go ahead and delete the duplicate contacts. All you have to do is check which contacts are overlapped or merged, then delete them and add new contacts.

Why does my iPhone say my husband’s name?

Answer: A: You said that when you message your husband he comes back immediately. This is the Apple ID sharing prompt. Make sure only your phone number and your Apple ID are listed and not your partner’s.

How do I separate my iPhone from my wife?

Tap Settings > iCloud > Delete Account (removes it only from this device, not iCloud; the person with the current account will not be affected), provide the password to turn off Find My Phone and tap My iDevice when prompted Select Keep. , To create your new account, sign in with a different Apple ID.

Why does my Apple Watch treat me as my wife?

Each of you needs your own iCloud account. If you share the same ID, iCloud will assume that you are the owner of the ID, which is believed to be your spouse.

Can you have 2 iPhones on one Apple ID?

You can use one AppleID on multiple devices, including 2 iPhones. Note that if you use the same AppleID for iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime then you are using a single account for those services. All devices using that AppleID share all messages, conversations, iCloud email, contacts, calendars, phone logs, etc.

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