Best led puck lights battery powered. Cheap and powerful.

When we talk about the  LED puck lights, we are talking about small, usually circular LED lights, which can be placed almost permanently or temporarily anywhere. But are puck lights really used? These are in a very cheap, very versatile and highly effective way as a light cupboard or cabinet light and, as they do not have a mains power cable, you can simply place them anywhere.

Best Battery-Powered LED Lights

Battery-powered LED lights are getting better and better all the time, which is great news for those of you who rent and are not allowed to install standard lighting fixtures, or alternatively an electrician Can not afford With these lights, you get to illuminate poorly lit areas such as ladders, closets, attics, storerooms, basements and garages, using something more complex than some ordinary AA or AAA batteries. There is absolutely no need to worry about wiring or electrical work. Installation is every bit as easy, in most cases, all you need is a handful of screws or double-sided adhesive tape (usually included in the pack). Many of these lights work on the outside as well as inside, so you can use them to give equally good results to your porch and gazebo.

Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light

led puck lights

Customer Reviews         4.4 / 5 stars .   7,707+ ratings

55 Lumens – Our long lasting LED puck lights shine bright with 55 lumens, 3000K warm white glow. This LED will illuminate any area of ​​your home under cabinet lighting. LED never needs to be replaced

WIRELESS REMOTE – Remote control lights include a dimer, an optional auto timer off, and on / off capabilities for convenient control of your lights. The included wireless remote will allow you to control up to 12 puck lights 15 feet away

Select Dimmer – Select the level of brightness you want or press the 50% or 100% brightness button on the wireless remote

Optional auto timer off – set under cabinet lights to turn off with optional timer in 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes to celebrate battery life

100 Hours of Time – Each of our battery operated lights lasts 4 times longer than other puck lights on 3 AA batteries (18%). Replace the battery by simply turning the light off its base and inserting a new battery

Product features

6 LED brewing lights, providing 55 lumens of super bright, warm white light in total. Perfect for storerooms, closets, ladders, cellars and more! Because they are wireless and battery-powered, you can install them anywhere.

Battery powered, each light runs on 3 x AA batteries: 18 included in the box, enough for all six lights.

Wireless remote control allows you to turn lights on / off from 15 meters away (you can manually turn them on / off by pressing the lens on the puck).

This includes the dimming feature, select the level of brightness you want with just the turn of the dial or by pressing the 50% or 100% brightness button on the remote.

Additional control Auto-off ‘timer – Using remote control, set your lights to turn off automatically after 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes.

Super durable and long lasting, these lights have a life span of 4 times that of traditional brewing lights.

Installation is easy, use either screws or adhesive tape (both included in the box).

URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light

led puck lights

Customer Reviews         4.0 /5 stars.    5,538+ ratings

Energy-effective: powers up automatically after 15–30 seconds of inactivity, lighting up your path and soon stopping.

Battery power 3 no. of AAA battery required

Battery power: Powered by 3 x AAA batteries per motion sensor (batteries not included) Note ies batteries that are qualified through the National Testing Authority are recommended.

At sunrise: dawn is included to activate the speed of dawn and dusk. When the speed is detected within the range of 7-10 feet.

Super-Bright LED BULBS: Lumens: 20, lasts up to 10,000 hours; Easy-to-install, no hard-wiring, come with super-strong 3M double-side adhesive pads.

Installation: Use super-strong 3M double-side adhesive pads or stick to any metal surface with a built-in magnet, works great indoor and outdoor, especially stairs, steps, hallway, dark closet And as a night light for cabinets.

Product features

Extra bright LED lights provide 20 lumen lights with a life span of 20,000 hours. Work great indoor or outdoors, use them in ladders, storage rooms, cellars, cupboards and more. Because they are cordless you can install them anywhere.

Battery-powered: These lights are powered by 3 x AAA batteries (which are not included with the lights). Because they are battery powered, there are no wires or electrical issues to deal with. Hang in areas that are not well serviced by your electric light.

Motion sensor lights: configured to turn on when movement is detected within the 7-10 meter range. They automatically fall down after 15–30 seconds of forward movement. In addition, the motion sensor is only active between dusk and dawn. Save light by getting light only when needed.

Hassle-free installation: Use a 3-meter, two-sided adhesive pad included in the pack, or stick to any metal surface and allow the underlying magnet to do its job.

Durable and sturdy design, they work great indoors and outdoors.

AMIR (Upgraded Version) Motion Sensor led puke Lights

led puck lights

Customer Reviews         4.0 / 5 stars    5,253+ ratings

Battery operated – powered by 3PCS AAA batteries (not included) for corelable installation. To provide you with lights in areas that have no access to or limited electricity

Super-bright LED bulb – up to 20 lumen output, 6 pcs super bright SMD 2835 LED; Bright enough to make sure you never stumble in the dark

Pir Motion and Light Sensor – Auto-on within 10 feet, auto-off after 15 seconds without any speed helps to prolong battery life. It will start only when it is dark and motion is detected

Easy Installation – Simple to install, no hard-wiring. With double-sided adhesive pads and built-in magnets, you can stick on anywhere you like

Message : This light  turn on only in a dark environment. If the light sensor is detected by enough light it will not turn on. And please do not install this light in a high temperature location, otherwise, the high temperature will affect the adhesive strip, and then the light will slide easily !!

Product features

Extra Bright Battery LED Lights – 3 included, each producing 20 lumens; With these lights, you will not struggle to see your way again at night

Battery powered – 3 x AAA batteries required, 1 per light (note: batteries are not included). Cordless lights allow you to illuminate areas accessed by electricity.

Pir Motion Sensor – Automatically switches on the lights when motion is detected within 10 feet, spanning at an angle of 120 degrees; If no further motion is detected, they automatically stop after 20 seconds. The motion sensor is operative only when it becomes dark, saving you extra power.

Hassle-free installation – no wiring, no additional equipment required. Just use a double-sided adhesive pad and built-in magnets: they allow you to stick it on any metal surface you want.

Compact and portable yet robust design – compact size lights you can install them anywhere without attracting attention; It is easy to move around in different places.

One year replacement warranty and 45 days 45 no questions asked ‘Money back guarantee

Fulcrum Wireless Motion Sensor Weatherproof Porch Lights

led puck lights

Motion sensor – Auto on / off for hand comfort and protection. Adjustable head light rotates according to need.

LED Floodlight technology provides ultra-bright, glare free, ultra-wide coverage.

Weatherproof – Seal for protection against moisture.

Easy Installation – Installs in minutes using only 2 screws, and no wiring required. Mounting plate makes installation and battery replacement a snap.

Uses 4 ‘C’ batteries (sold separately). Energy efficient LEDs extend battery life, and never require replacement.

Product features

It includes 6, rotatable LED panels providing a bright, blue light: perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Battery-powered: Uses 4 C-cell batteries per light (note: batteries not included). Each set of batteries provides one year of light, providing an average of 8–10 light activations per day.

The motion sensor provides automatic illumination when movement is detected within a range of 25 feet and at an angle of 100 degrees; When no further motion is detected, the light turns off automatically after 10–15 seconds.

Advanced photo-cell technology ensures your lighting that ambient light falls below a certain level only once; Save electricity by using light only when it is most needed.

Easy Installation: Just follow the instructions, no additional tools or equipment required.

Durable and Weatherproof Design: This light works just as well on the inside.

Energizer Hard Case Professional 3-LED Puck Light (Batteries Included)led puck lights

Customer Reviews: 4.2 / 5 stars.   342+ customer ratings

Three bright wide-angle LEDs deliver 50 lumens of wide-angle Versatile light

; It Comes with 2 mounting options; Magnet or wall mount

Harsh; Rubber casing absorbing effect for maximum durability

Simple push lens switch to activate

3 AA Energizer MAX batteries provide a runtime of up to 31 hours

Product features

You get 3 super-bright, wide-angle LEDs, which provide up to 50 lumens of light. These lights will illuminate the worst of the areas, no worries.

Battery-powered: They run on 3 AA Energizer MAX batteries, which are included in the pack. They have a runtime of up to 31 hours. These lights will stay overnight if you want them!

Easy to turn on and off, just push push lens.

Comes with two mounting options for maximum versatility and portability; Either climb the wall / roof or use in-built magnets to stick to metal surfaces. The latter option makes it super-easy to eliminate these lights and move them around.

Tough, durable, rubber casing: Designed to last these lights.

Mlambert Battery Operated LED puck Lights

led puck lights

Customer Reviews         4.4 / 5 stars.    460+ ratings

Highly Automatic Sensor – 2020 Use advanced PIR technology, our night lights can auto-on within 10 feet, after 20 seconds without detecting motion helps to prolong auto battery life. It will start only when it is dark and motion is detect-ed

Battery operated – Powered by a 3PCS AAA battery (not included) for cordless installation, to provide you with lights in areas that have no or limited access to electricity. Note: Batteries that qualify through the National Testing Authority are recommend-ed

Super Bright and Energy Efficient – Up to 35 lumens output, 6 pcs Super Bright SMD 2835 LEDs  bright enough to never let you fade in the dark. Powers automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity, saving you a lot of money straight away

Durable design and easy installation – In addition to the built-in magnet, we also specifically add super-strong 3M Double Sides Adhesive Tape and Hang Hole Design, so there’s no need to worry about the cabinet light falling off, you can put it somewhere Can also choose to paste. , Mount it on some hooks or you can use screws to fix it (screws included), you like the best way

No worries to buy – if there is any problem regarding this motion sensor light, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you the appropriate solution. Please note that this motion sensor light can only be turn on in dark environments. If enough light is detect-ed by the light sensor it will not turn on.  Please do not install this light in a high temperature place or somewhere with dust, otherwise, the adhesive strip will be affect-ed, and then the light will slide easily !!

Product features

10 number of LED puck lights provide 35 lumens of bright, white light. Once you install these lights, you don’t have to worry about tripping over something and breaking your neck! Suitable for corridors, porches, cupboards, storage rooms, garages, bathrooms, ladders, cellars and more.

Each light powered by a 3x AAA battery (not included in the pack).

Motion sensor active light: These lights only operate when motion is detect-ed within the 10-foot range, they automatically stop after 15 seconds if no further motion is detect-ed; They are activat-ed only when it is dark.

The motion sensor provides automatic illumination when movement is detect-ed within a range of 25 feet and at a beam angle of 120 degrees; When no further motion is detect-ed, the light automatically turns off after 20 seconds.

Problem-free installation: No wiring or additional equipment is require, just peel off the adhesive pads ( in the box), and glue them to any surface. They also have a built-in magnetic stripe, which adheres to any metal surface.

Mr. Beams MB990 Ultra Bright Wireless Battery Powered Motion Sensing led puke light

Led puck lights

Customer Reviews         4.4 / 5 stars.    1,543+ ratings

The battery-powered UltraBright LED ceiling light provides a clean, modern design to complement any area of   any home. Two-pack set MB990 ceiling light

The inbuilt automatic motion sensor LED ceiling light provides 300 lumens of bright light for dark areas around the home, including cupboards, cellars, sheds, showers, pantries and hallways.

The unique diffuser on the face of the UltraBright LED ceiling light extends light to large areas of the home for a wider coverage area

Motion activation, auto shutdown and a light sensor help to prolong battery life. Expect one year of light on each set of batteries with an average usage of 8–10 activations per day. Regular color temperature (K): 4000

Install a weatherproof battery-operated LED light in less than 5 minutes or anywhere around the house – no wires or electricity needed

Product features

The 4 LEDs provide 100 lumens of bright, white light, they provide 260 square feet of light coverage. Ideal for illuminating pantries, cupboards, ladders, porches, sheds and garages.

Energy-efficient LEDs, never need to be replaced; A set of batteries will give you more than 35 hours of lighting.

Battery-powered: Uses 4 C-cell batteries per light (note: batteries not included). Each set of batteries provides one year of light, providing an average of 8–10 light activations per day.

Easy to install: Because they are 100% battery power-ed, there is no need for wires or any electrical work. You can install these battery-powered LED lights anywhere around the house, using only the mounting hardware included in the box. You will have your light in less than 5 minutes. Ideal for light areas where electricity is not an option!

Pir Motion Sensor Active Lighting System: The light only turns on when it detects motion up to 20 feet away. Turns off after 30 seconds with no further movement. The light sensor also configured to prevent activation during daylight, saving you more energy.

Weatherproof, with strong plastic and metal construction: These LED battery lights are ideal for outdoor use, as well as indoor

Also check best led light for gate pillar.

Qoolife Submersible Battery operated Led puck Lights Remote Controlled, 

led puck lights

Customer Reviews         3.6 / 5 stars.    1,405+ ratings

Identify the Qoolife brand. This led puck lights powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not includ, lasts 10-12 hours with a dry dry battery), 16 different static modes, 4 dynamic color changing modes. ,This is battery operat-ed, IR remote control, dimming and ON / OFF (notice that the product may occasionally be damage during transportation, we promise a 30-day free return and an unconditional return quickly; regardless of product quality 1 year free replacement for issue (email: service @)

Reusable  LED puke Lights, Built in Super Bright 10, waterproof and cordless, perfect for event party or home decoration, such as burning vases, bowls, or any water-filled containers. – Can turn a boring bowl into a beautiful and exciting centerpiece, often used for event design. Keep Please keep the batteries well and make sure that the skin of the batteries is good and full. Use of batteries with damaged skin is prohibit-ed.

Multipurpose: Party / event lights, holiday accent lighting, home accent lighting for indoor and outdoor, hot tubs. Flower design, transparent cover, color changing.

Flexible color change option: This crystal waterproof LED puck lights can be adjust-ed in 16 types of colors: red, green, blue, white, yellow, purple and other colors and decorative lighting

This LED puke Light can use in Fully Stage, Disco, Shopping Mall, Jewelery Store, Showroom, Showcase, Cabinet, Museum, Shops, Aquarium Light Fixer, Fish Tank Light, Family Bulb, Vase Base, Floral, Pond, Pool, Wedding, Wedding , applies to. Halloween, party, Christmas, fountains and other occasions; Please contact us before leaving negative feedback, we will assist you and promise to satisfy you within 24 hours.

Product features

Submersible underwater lights, they are made of 10 super-bright LEDs, fully waterproof and reusable, outdoor lights, home decor, or events / parties and novelty lighting.

Battery-power-ed, power by 3x AAA batteries (which are not includ-ed), they provide 10–12 hours of coverage.

Remote control (battery not included again): allows you to change the color and brightness of the lights.

These LED puck lights can be adjust to emit 16 different colors. There is also a dimming function and dynamic mode, in which colors change sequentially and automatically. The range of remote control is 25-30 feet.

Easy to install, they are only 3 inches long and submerg-ed very well, putting them up to 2 meters deep under water (recommended). No wire, waterproof and watertight design. They are properly weight-ed so they do not burst out in the water!

Led lights light review summary

This completes our list of the best battery operated LED puck lights, but a word of warning before we give you our verdict. If you buy a motion sensor light, you need to separate them from a good distance or a light illuminated will prevent others from working!

If you have no idea what LED lights are all about, here is a brief description: LED light stands for emitting diode, it is not a new concept, but one that has evolved a lot in recent years. Light is produce by a different method than normal filament light bulbs, and can be color as well as white.

LED is once more efficient, effective and long lasting than any other form of light bulb, and being very small, can be used in miniature applications.

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