Best 5 Led Light Candle to have for home.

Festive, Candle Light Dinner, Flame less, No Smoke, Best “Quality at It” Show On Photo “Now Light Up Your Home This Diwali in Decorative LED Lights. LEDs are placed inside the lamps, which when turned on will feel the actual lamp burning. This electric lamp lights will add value to your Diwali decoration. It consists of flame less, smokeless real filling blinking lamp. Led Light Candle.

Ein Sof Flameless LED Tealights, Smokeless Plastic Decorative Candles

Ein Sof LED tealight candles are the perfect home décor for those who do not want the hassle of burning during a candle walk. LED candles continue to smoke houses. These LED lamps are perfect for home decoration.

Standard Size: Diameter: 5.08 x Height: 5.08 (in cm) LED Candles || Yellow light || Made of high quality plastic || Round tights

Each LED Tealight includes a battery that is non-replaceable. It is a Use & Throw product.

Package Content: Pack of 10 Plastic LED Teal

Do not damage the LED tealight or the battery inside it will become unstable. Clean the product with a damp cloth. Do not use water to clean this product

Technical Info

  • Color yellow
  • Product dimensions 5.08 x 5.08 x 5.08 cm; 99 grams
  • Shipping weight 0.1 kg
  • Item Model Number ES-LED
  • Item Part Number ES-LED-01
  • Primary Material Plastic
  • Capacity standard
  • What is in the box 10 Platik LED Tealight
  • Weight 99 grams
  • Manufacturer Querência

Standard LED tealight candles are small LED lights in the shape of tealight candles with a burning time of approximately 30 to 40 hours.

Ein Sof LED tealight candles are the perfect home décor for those who do not want the hassle of burning during a candle walk.

LED candles keep homes smokefree and easy to keep. They are smokeless and do not cause any odor.

They still burn after 30 40 hours on the use of a battery. You can use it at a stretch or turn it off when not in use and turn it back on again.

Satyam Craft Acrylic LED Tea Light Candle (Yellow) -12 Off Diwali Christmas Home Decoration Candle Light Dinner Look Look(Led Light Candle)

Led Light Candle

Technical Info

  • Color Multicolor
  • Package dimensions 24.2 x 15.6 x 4 cm; 410 grams
  • Shipping weight 0.28 kg
  • Item Part Number CUP-2011
  • Primary Material PVC
  • Capacity standard
  • Weight 0.9 pounds
  • Manufacturer Satyam Craft
  • Pack of 12

Create a relaxed and serene atmosphere at home with this set of 12 flame less LED candles

Light color

Traditional burning candles, combined with LED technology candles, are scented candles, which are fragrance-free, non-shaped candles, single wick candles. Candles can be used indoors or outdoors.

With these battery-powered flame less flickering candles, you can leave these candles safe around your little ones. A peaceful environment will help you get a good sleep, without worrying about fire hazards, dirty dripping or allergic odor. These child friendly timer flame less candles are a great option for any family with children or pets who want to ensure that their little ones stay safe and healthy.

CITRA 24 Pack Warm White LED Diwali Tea Lights, Flame Red Teal Candles, Battery Operated Candles(Led Light Candle)

Flickering bulbs are ideal for decorating flamed LED candles, it can be used as mood lights night lights including other holders such as vote holders or glass holders. You can add teal to restaurant, home and garden wedding, party, festival decorations at teeti or other place.

Easy to use: On / off switch for easy and convenient operation. The color-changing LED tea light comes with a battery, which has 100+ hours of light-time and can be easily changed through the bottom tab.

Safe for Kids, Pets, Seniors – These LED white white-caller tee lights can be used without the worry of flame, without any fire hazard or risk of irritation, which pet (s) or young children (ren) Is safe for families.

Height Quality: All electric tee lights are sold exclusively by Candle Homemade. Each LED fake tea light candle is well and rigorously tested, guaranteed to work out of the box, or each defective unit will be replaced with a dozen candles or a full refund for purchase.

Flameless candles are a great gift for your family and friend. Freeflame, smoke free, and worry-free candles let them enjoy candlelight, they actually look the same with real wax. (Color: Tealight-Ivory with warm yellow color).

Product Description

CITRA LED color tea lights give you innovative way to brighten the house

-Use a chimney mantel or bookshelf scaffold with a flock of LED candles in hotel holders

Lead some colorful flammable tea lights around your home for a relaxing atmosphere.

Special events, use candle light dinner, wedding parties and wedding favors with your loved one.

Use them with your floral center.

– Excellent decoration items for wedding receptions, dinner parties, holiday ceremonies and other events.


1. Material: LED + PP.

2. Size: Diameter 3.8 cm / 1.5 in. + Height 3.8 cm / 1.5 in.

3. Battery: CR2032 Button Cell.

4.Battery life: 72 hours -100 hours.

5.Light color: seven color changing.

Package include:

24 Xwarm White LED Tea Light Candle.

SATYAM Craft Acrylic LED Tea Light Candle Diya (Yellow Led Light Candle)

Led Light Candle

Technical Info

  • Color yellow
  • Package dimensions 15.2 x 12 x 4.2 cm; 150 grams
  • Shipping weight 0.15 kg
  • Primary Material Acrylic
  • Item Weight 150g
  • Warm atmosphere but without mess

Our LED tealights are designed to set the right mood for any occasion. No more cleaning candles dripping or worrying about starting a fire. Just enjoy the heat-free light, turning on the switch and flickering hot.

Highly realistic

Cells to be replaced for longevity of use

Perfect for events

These flame less teal with its beautiful twinkling light is the day of any event. Whether you are planning a wedding, surprise proposal or ambience dinner: our lights will meet your every need.

Realistic glow(Led Light Candle)

It feels like a real candle. We hand craft each LED tea light to replicate the look and flicker of a real candle. Do not be surprised when your visitors will not be able to tell the difference and try to get them out.

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