Best Led Driving Lights for Trucks USA 2021.

If you are an off-road enthusiast, you may know off-road lights are an essential part of the toolkit. Without good light, the trails are completely covered in darkness and often standard headlights do not meet off-road needs. Contrary to the belief that a good set of off-road lights is expensive, especially LED-based lights, LED-powered off-road lights are available and meet any budget. LED technology makes off-road lights more efficient and less maintenance. So here is best led driving lights for trucks.

Here, we recommend the 10 best off-road lights. Regardless of your style or type of off-road light, this guide has you covered. You will get a great set that will suit your budget and vehicle. So, if you are a car enthusiast or an off-road enthusiast who wants to make sure that your vehicle is flawlessly equipped, then we have you covered.

Features worth noting in good off-road lights

In off-road areas, bumpy ground can cause trouble if the light is not enough. Investing in good off-road lights will give you a clear vision to detect potential hazards. And the off-road lights must be durable and able to withstand rough use and impacts. For a good off-road light, consider the following features: in best led driving lights for trucks.

Build quality

Ensure that the material used can withstand the difficult conditions associated with off-road environments. Some features to look for in an off-road light include:

  • Scratch resistant, durable lens
  • 67. High waterproof rating above
  • Aluminum Mounting Hardware & Housing
  • Optional stone guard

There are many cheaper options available that cannot sustain on off-road driving. Heavy impact, constant vibration and poor weather conditions among other variables cause easy breakdown of non-off-road lights. In best led driving lights for trucks.

Beam pattern

There are 4 beam options to choose from and include spread, spot, driving, and flood beam patterns. Many off-road lights use a spot beam pattern because it provides greater range. The angle of the beam is narrow at about 45 degrees which provides a cone of light.

The Flood Beam pattern produces a large amount of light spread at an angle of 120 degrees to cover a large space. A mixture of 2 beam patterns is the ideal choice for a perfect forward vision. In best led driving lights for trucks.


Since you will be using off-road lights, you do not have any restrictions on how fast the lights can be. This allows you to retract a HID kit inside the light housing if you need more light. However, the brightness of many off-road lights is sufficient as most have at least 5,000 lumens.


Depending on whether you choose LED or halogen, this will greatly affect the wattage of the light. Limiting in power consumption will increase the lifespan of off-road lights and decrease heat output. Also, it will draw less than your vehicle’s battery, which can be a problem for older vehicles.

Top Best led driving lights for trucks

Nilight 20 Inch 126w LED Light bar

design features

This comes with a diecast aluminum body, stainless steel bracket and polycarbonate lens. This is a great option for those who want to go off-road with a spot flood combo light bar. It has an IP rating of 67, 126 watts power rating, 10-30 DC voltage and a lifespan of 30,000 hours. This combines a 300 flood beam with a 600 spot beam that covers a lot of ground for a clear front view.

Convenient features

It provides clear visibility in extreme conditions which guarantees a clear view of the road. It is an excellent product in terms of heat dissipation. Aluminum housings and silicon gels enhance heat-handling capacity.

For versatility, this off-road led light comes with an adjustable mounting bracket that allows you to customize the position of the light bar based on personal preferences. This allows you to adjust the light bar to 450 where light is required. The light bar is designed to increase brightness for customers as they drive off-road during the night. In best led driving lights for trucks.

The LED light bar provides optimum protection to ensure that it lasts for a long time. Beside from the 67 IP rating, the light bar is dustproof. Stainless steel bracket mounts are able to resist rust and rust.


The budget-friendly Nilight 20 inch LED light bar provides bright light and major protection, being dustproof and waterproof. It comes with a rust and rust resistant mount. Also, adjustable mounts can be mounted faster.

The pros

easy to install

Superb optimum light output


Commendable construction quality

Comes with adjustable mount bracket


Can be easily heated

Prone to condensation

Rigid Industries 93131 SR2-Series 30 “Driving / Hyperspot Combo LED Light Bar

Design features

The SR2-Series uses a patented specter optics system that produces intense and smooth illumination that spans wide and long distances. The Hyperspot Beam 50 is focused which helps to increase efficiency by reducing light waste while providing extremely high intensity for the landing spot. It comes with 32 LEDs that produce 143.5 watts and 13,500 lumens. also the light emitted by this off-road light bar can reach a monstrous 3,661 feet. This off-road light bar is great regardless of off-road driving requirements.

Convenient features

The LED does not need to be heated; Thus, it can be switched on or off immediately. The lifespan of these off-road LEDs is over 50,000 hours and given that it provides the highest intensity per watt in the market, you are guaranteed to have the highest quality LED. The aluminum housing is equipped with a very large heat sink to ensure that the temperature is kept low so that the LEDs shine brightly. In best led driving lights for trucks.

It comes with an off-road light brake and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens and a rubber seal. This light bar is protected from low or high voltage. In addition, the plug and play harness is easy to install, along with the mounting bracket in the package.


The Rigid’s “hyperspot” technology in this low-profile light bar is unmatched in the industry. With the flicker of a switch, this light bar illuminates an incredible distance, enabling you to have maximum visibility and high speed at night.

The pros

Extremely tough and durable


Over 50,000 hours of lifetime



SLDX Curved 52-Inch LED Off-Road Light Bar

Design features

This light is 52 ”wide monster and comes with 100 LED bulbs which produce 3 watts each. The curved LED light produces 18,000 lumens. In addition, you get 2 LED Spotlight pods, each generating 1,200 lumens. In each of the 2 spotlights, it has 6 LED bulbs that generate 3 watts. Lastly these LED lights are compatible with any vehicle or device with a 9 to 32 voltage power source.

Convenient features

The IP68 rating provides protection from dust and water, and the SLDX offers a one-year warranty. The Spotlight 300 and Floodlight 400 combo patterns give the best light beam with a wide angle and a bright center for clear visibility. The 6000k ensures that you have a clear view in front of you without causing fatigue in your eyes. The light comes with 2 wires one for 300W curved LED light bar and the other for 2 spot LED light. The housing for the LED light bar is made of die-cast aluminum. Its lifespan is over 30,000 hours. The high IP rating eliminates any concerns about moisture.


This off-road light is easy to install and works in very demanding environments where an unfailing light source is required. It comes with shatter resistant PMMA lens. The curved 52 ”LED light bar illuminates the sides and front for the ultimate lighting experience of a combo pattern with both a flood and a spotlight. This is a great solution for all those who need bright light without straining their eyes as the flood / spot combo provides the best light rays as it covers a wide angle. In best led driving lights for trucks.

The pros

Well built light bar

The package produces 14,000 + 2,600 lumens.

water resistant

Comes with additional 2 LED light pods


Only 1 year warranty

Also check light for reef aquarium

Auxbeam 4 “LED Pods 18W Flood LED Light Bar 1800lm

Design features

This Oxbeam off-road light bar comes with Cree LED which provides optimum lighting in poorly lit areas. It uses well-known LED chips and 600 flood beam designs for long and wide illumination using low power. It is easy to change the angle and position of the light using adjustable mounting brackets. It has 18w power rating, which is equipped with 6 pieces of 3w LED chips, 9 to 32 volts, 1800 lumens, -400 to 850 C working temperature and 67 IP rating.

Convenient features

The 50,000-hour lifespan of LEDs is quite impressive, given that it is an economical option. The 1,800 lumens and 600 flood beams technical specifications provide optimum lighting up front for improved visibility without eye fatigue. In best led driving lights for trucks.

One feature to note is the low current drawn by light. This means that the off-road product will not damage the battery and will enable you to save gas. The long-lasting off-road lights are designed to be dustproof, shockproof and waterproof. In addition, it comes with a rust and corrosion resistant stainless mounting bracket.

It comes with aluminum housing equipped with vertical cooling fins. Intelligent design features will increase energy efficiency and heat dispersion. This versatile Oxbeam off-road light is an excellent choice. Its applications are beyond off-road use as it can be used indoors and outdoors and at home.


The quality of this product is unmatched, making it a top off-road light option. It is a durable product that provides optimum shine. This off-road light is made using high quality LEDs that can last up to 50,000 hours.

The pros

The right choice when on a budget

Comes with a durable and well-designed housing

Provides long lasting light

Great waterproofing

Strong soldering points for optimum durability


No wiring harness

Provided bolts may be insufficient

Cutequeen 18W 1800 Lumens CREE LED Spot Light Bar

The design

When purchasing an LED light bar, you can feel overwhelmed by the many options available in the market. They come in various sizes, brightness ratings, price, size and usability. Although this LED comes from a brand that is not popular, it is dependent on work. The combination of low price and high quality make it a popular product that every motorist wants.

If you want a long-lasting product, then you need to consider the material used as it plays an important role in the durability rating. Durable products will give you value for your money. This LED light is made of high quality aluminum alloy to make it strong. The mounting bracket is made of stainless steel for durability and to prevent rust. This is a guarantee that this lens will not break easily. This is in best led driving lights for trucks.

Features and performance

The package comes with a mounting bracket and 18W LED Flood Light which means you will need an additional wiring kit. But it does not cause alarm. Enjoy 30 days unconditional returns of the company in the event of any default. best led driving lights for trucks.

With IP67 waterproof, the LED light is corrosion resistant, and you can use it in extreme weather conditions. It can bend up to 60 degrees to give you a full view on the road. It prides itself on RoHS, CE and FCC certification. However, it is not a DOT certified product which means that you cannot use it where DOT rules and regulations need to apply.

Do you want exterior lighting for your outdoor garden or backyard? LED lights by CuteQueen is your sure bet. It can also be used in trailer outdoor and interior lighting and indoor lighting. best led driving lights for trucks.


If you want to increase your safety on the road or at home, then you should consider buying this LED light. It is well designed with strong materials for durability and a classic look.

The pros

This is the cheapest LED light bar

Extremely bright for increased visibility


It works perfectly for Go-Carto

IP67 waterproof


Mounting bolts are not as strong as they should be

The lens can fall very fast

The conclusion

Off-road driving can be exciting. This is the most thrilling holiday you can enjoy in your giant toy. However, regardless of the thrill associated with off-road activity, off-road driving can be cumbersome when you lack the best off-road lights. These allow you to run any route confidently and safely. In this guide, we have provided you with some of the best off-road lights and factors to consider when choosing the best off-road lights. It is very clear that LED off-road bars and pods provide a better value for your money.

This is all about best led driving lights for trucks, Thanks for reading.

FAQ(Best led driving lights for trucks)

Are LED driving lights legal?

An LED light bar is considered a driving light if all LEDs work simultaneously simultaneously. If an LED light bar has separate parts or sections that can be turned on or off independently of other parts or sections, each independently controlled section is counted as a driving light.

Which is better HID or LED driving lights?

LEDs are also more efficient than halogen or HID lights, meaning they are the most cost-effective purchase over time. However, as with most things that are paid to achieve quality, both the LED light bar and the spot light cost more than the equivalent halogen or HID lights. best led driving lights for trucks.

Is it illegal to have a light bar on your bull bar?

The short answer is no. The technical term is that the light should not be in sight of the driver. This means, for most of us, that placing a light bar on top of your bull bar will interfere with your line of sight. For those who have a low set loop or no loop at all, you will be fine under this decision.

Are white headlights legal?

They are much brighter than normal headlights and make it difficult to see. So “The California vehicle code specifically requires the headlights to be clear and to display white light or amber in case of a turn signal.” “Any other color of headlight is illegal in California.Thats all in best led driving lights for trucks.

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