Best kitchen lighting ideas.What colour light is best for kitchen?

Looking For Kitchen Lighting Ideas? The lighting you choose for your kitchen can actually make or break a space. When choosing your kitchen lighting you need to think practically and the overall style of the space. Luckily, with these kitchen lighting ideas from Kuechen Harmony, you can complete your kitchen with gorgeous lights. Best kitchen lighting ideas.

When it comes to selecting lights for your kitchen, a light simply will not cut it, so it is important that you pay attention to many different factors, from practical lighting in cooking areas to ambient lighting for food. Give

Practical Task Lighting

Task lighting is require for the areas you use for cooking, chopping, reading recipes, and even cleaning dishes. We recommend lighting between your head and the work surface to prevent any shadows, which can make the task more challenging. This can be achieve in many ways, such as integrated lighting on the floor of your upper kitchen cabinets or directly above your workspace areas. If you are also including a pantry, you may wish to think about practical lighting for the cupboards, allowing you to see everything you are storing.Best kitchen lighting ideas.

Ambient lighting(Best kitchen lighting ideas)

This ambient lighting is a must in your new kitchen, along with practical lighting on the worktop. Ambient lighting creates a gorgeous warm glow that reduces shadows. While it is not necessary in your kitchen, it can make the space feel more welcoming and homey. Ambient lightings looks gorgeous when it is integrat-ed at the top of the cupboard (when possible), creating a beautiful glow in your kitchen.

Accent Lighting

This accent lighting can be found in the choice of glass-fronted cupboards, china, glasses and other things you want to display in your kitchen. Accent lighting allows you to make a feature of certain areas of your kitchen, drawing attention to some of your most loved items.Best kitchen lighting ideas.

Decorative light(Best kitchen lighting ideas)

While this is not necessary, decorative lighting can really add some extras to your kitchen. Whether you choose a bold lamp shade on your dining table or a beautiful, unique lamp in the corner, decorative lighting can pull your kitchen together, adding a wonderful feature to the space. Take a look at the article in our last blog for more of the touch you need in your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting With Vintage Themes

The hanging chandelier is actually one of the hallmarks of old-style rooms. Use a stainless steel chandelier that you can hang on the kitchen island or dining table in the kitchen. Do not use chandelier chandelier lamps as it seems too fancy and is less suited to retro styles that are simpler.Best kitchen lighting ideas.

White Lights

Best kitchen lighting ideas

Food processing activities require bright lighting. For that, use task lighting as downlights with a light intensity of about 300 looks. We recommend that you choose the type of halogen lamp with white color or close to the color of natural light (natural daylight) for more focus. To not dazzle the eyes, the light can be reflecte on the wall or hidden behind a wall panel (indirect light) so that the bias feels soft.Best kitchen lighting ideas.

Kitchen decoration design

Apart from illuminating the space, lighting is also able to become a decorative element that beautifies the look of the kitchen. You can use a light with a yellow light to create a warm effect or light color (neon light) such as blue or pink as an accent to the space. Typically, this light is hidden behind a wall panel, under an island table, or behind a suspend-ed ceiling (indirect lighting). Light reflection is able to change the atmosphere of the space, so the kitchen looks more attractive and artistic.

Lantern idea

Pendant lighting is the type of lamp that is hang with a rope on the ceiling. It is much smaller than the lighthouse and has more functional features. Although it is small, it provides a broad spectrum of light and can illuminate almost the entire room, so it is suitable for areas that require too much light. Pendant lights are available in various designs, sizes and structures. They range from metal to glass or solid or plastic.Best kitchen lighting ideas.

Flush mount light

There are several advantages of flush mounted lights, including the size of a small filament. the light source can be a point so that light distribution is easy. The installation tool is simple so that you can only handle it as well. Adjust the intensity of the light with the help of a dimmer, so that you can adjust the brightness of the light. Flammable and not affected by temperature and humidity. Its use is very flexible and cost effective.Best kitchen lighting ideas.


By using a chandelier you can save use of space because a special space is not required for the chandelier to lay itself. The chandelier not only acts as a lighting system, but also becomes a decoration that beautifies your kitchen sink. Apart from being an increasingly creative form, the chandelier also helps provide maximum light. So, you do not need to spend too much to decorate or renovate the house to get qualified lighting.

LNC Pendant Light

With the high quality metal of this product you cost $ 42.96 which is durable with average consumer satisfaction of 2 years. With extensive applications, this mini pendant lamp fits perfectly to the ceiling on a dining table . kitchen sink, even a bedroom nightstand. The length of the hanger strap can be adjusted from 10 “to 59”. If you are interested in getting a product with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 . the package you will get includes all hardware installations for quick and easy installation.Best kitchen lighting ideas.

Kitchen lighting ideas

The best kitchen lighting for your kitchen will really depend on the style and design of your kitchen. The amazing design team at Kuechen Harmony can help you with kitchen lighting ideas. By integrating lighting plans into the design of your new kitchen. you will be able to fully appreciate the grand design of your new space.Best kitchen lighting ideas.

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