Best Alexa led strip Lights. Top 10 to buy in 2021.

LED lighting strips not only provide light but different shades of lights to add a little style to your home. Its versatility allows for its many color options with varying brightness levels. With the advent of home automation technology, LED strip bulbs can be dimmed and controlled which are now the norm. Bulbs with in-built smart technology are now being controlled by applications in our mobile devices, and voice assistance is not omitted as Alexa can now be used to effectively control these smart bulbs. Below is a list of the top 10 LED strip lights that work with Alexa. Best Alexa led strip.

Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights Works With Alexa

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The Govee Smart WiFi LED strip light features voice control technology and works with Alexa. This can be controlled using a simple conversation start, which helps to turn the lights on or off, change the brightness levels of the lights, and set the colors. This smart strip light can also be controlled by “Govi Home” applications on both Android and iOS devices using WiFi and Bluetooth. Best Alexa led strip.

The Govi   Smart WiFi LED strip light is very easy to install with fixing clips, a real 3M adhesive, a WiFi controller and an adapter. The smart light strip has a built-in microphone that light-syncs to the beat of any music coming through speakers inside your home. There is a intresting features that allows you to mix your favorite colors and a timer setting so that you can to schedule the lights to your taste.

key features

  • Music genre
  • Timer function
  • Smart app controlled
  • Voice controlled
  • Comes with an all-in-one assembly kit
  • Both 16.4 and 32.4 are tap sizes
  • 300 LED lamp is pearl
  • 4 DIY modes
  • 7 view options

Best Value for Money: Govee Smart 16.4 ft RGB LED Strip Lights Work with Alexa

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Govi Smart LED Strip Light has many special features. It is burnable, waterproof, provides a music sync option, and is controlled wirelessly. Want to be the life of the party? With the music sync function, you can wow your friends as the Govi ​​smart LED strip changes its light to the beat of your music, making your apartment feel disco. When dancing, you only know how light behaves with Alexa, to know how sound can be used.

The Govi ​​Smart LED strip light can also be controlled using a control box under which the button is pressed to turn on or off, adjust brightness levels and change color. The “Govi Home” application can also be used to control light through your mobile device. The application is available to both Android and iOS users. It can be easily installed as it comes with 3M adhesive and an installation kit with 5 support clips for better fixation. Best Alexa led strip.

key features

  • Music synchronizes with lights
  • Smart light strips can be activated at sunrise and closed at sunset.
  • Smart app provides easy navigation of smart LED light
  • Voice control using Alexa
  • This is a box that acts as a remote for easy control
  • Comes with an all-in-one assembly kit

Maxonar LED Strip Lights Work with Alexa

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This Maxonar LED strip light is a smart led light so that can use for advertising boards, outdoor lighting and wedding decorations  and many more. Due to its built-in smart tech, it can be voice controlled with the Alexa and IFTTT (if it is then) apps. Maxonar LED strip lights do not have a white color; To be white, you have to increase the brightness and reduce the intensity to zero, and then any color will turn white. Best Alexa led strip.

The Maxonar LED strip light also has a timer functionality with which you can schedule your lights.  It is very easy to install as an adapter, a WiFi controller, a one-piece strip light and a super-sticky adhesive.

key features

  • Scheduling when the light comes on and turns off
  • Easy to navigate with voice command
  • Easy installation using the kit that comes with this product

Cheapest among all: Nightbird Smart TV backlight work with Alexa

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Looking for a smart light specifically for your TV set, PC, or cabinet? Look no further then because the Nightbird Smart TV backlight is just the thing you need. This smart TV backlight is designed for any size TV set, be it 24 inches or 60 inches. It synchronizes with the music, and the color of the song changes color which gives your TV a unique feel. A special feature of this product is that it helps calm eye fatigue by reducing the level of brightness of the light.

The NiteBird Smart TV backlight can be hands-free using Alexa’s voice controlled assistant. This can also be controlled using the “GoSund” app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The Nightbird Smart TV backlight is easy to install, and it comes with a 5V USB cable. It does not have white light due to RGB cold light, but has a wide range of colors. Best Alexa led strip.

key features

  • It has a 5V powered USB cable
  • It is waterproof and can be used outside
  • Light may be pre-set to arrive after dark
  • Comes with necessary accessories for easy installation

GOADROM Smart 32.8FT WiFi LED Strip Lights Works With Alexa

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The GOADROM Smart 32.8FT WiFi LED Strip Light is a voice-activated smart light that works with Alexa. It is waterproof; Therefore it can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It has a built-in microphone that is highly sensitive to sound changes. So if you are a gamer, the light will change in tone from your speakers, as you engage in intense boss battles.

It comes with a prediction mode with 5 lighting styles. Product installation is fairly easy as it comes with 3M self-adhesive tape, 1 CR2 battery and 5 support clips to allow flexible attachment to any surface. Best Alexa led strip.

key features

  • Music synchronizes with LED lights to give a disco ball feel
  • Timing functionality to activate the smart light in a few hours
  • LED light with remote control smart app
  • It is battery operated

Best under $ 25: Nightbird 16.4 feet smart strip lights with Alexa works

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The NiteBird 16.4ft Smart Strip Light features voice control functionality with Alexa. The minimum power input is 12 V; It consumes less energy than traditional lighting options and is environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, this can only work with 2.4ghz WiFi, so you will need to set your WiFi channel to 2.4ghz.

If you have ever dreamed of owning a smart light that remembers your last setting, it is a smart light, because it is a memory function.  There is no need to go through the stress of re-choosing the mode every time you remember the light. Best Alexa led strip.

key features

  • Ability to convert to a light show
  • Timer function for before and after bed
  • Hands free control using Alexa
  • It is a memory function

Best Runner Up: Icari WiFi LED Strip Lights Works with 32.8 Feet Alexa

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Ikery WiFi LED Strip Lights is a  smart lights that works with Alexa. It has a schedule timer and can be made to switch at sunrise and go to sunset. Want to feel like Houdini? This smart light has a camera feature that can make you feel like a new age magician. Just take a picture of any color with your smartphone and then program your smart light to use the captured color.

This product can be easily install, and comes with advanced back adhesives for enhanced thermal conductivity. The greater thickness provides for greater flexibility and longer life usage. Best Alexa led strip.

key features

  • Smart app navigation available for Android and iOS devices
  • It is shape at 32.8 feet and can cover a large area of   your home.
  • 300 super bright LED lamp beads
  • This is the DIY color setting
  • It has camera feature

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Govi works 32.8 feet of best Alexa LED strip lights .

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The Govee 32.8ft LED Strip Lights Ultra-Long 32.8ft Easy to install smart lights that can be voice-controlled by Alexa. By saying, “Alexa set the kitchen light in red,” you can set your kitchen in red.

The product also features a timer, super-bright settings, DIY color variation and 7 view modes. The DIY color variation allows you to create your own color combination. The product is easily cutable to suit the length of your choice and has 3M adhesive that can fit on any flat dry surface. Best Alexa led strip.

key features

  • Light sync with music rhythm
  • Easy control of LED light with an app on your smart phone
  • Ability to mix different colors with DIY mode

Hedynshine works 33 feet best Alexa LED strip lights .

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The Hedynshine 33ft LED Strip Lights is a smart light with 300 high-brightness RGB LEDs, and its waterproof quality allows for use both indoors and outdoors.

The installation of the product is simple as it is a self-adhesive tape with strong viscosity. Its RGB light strip is cutable and linkable. The Hedynshine LED strip light also has an infrared (IR) controller, which allows remote control of your smart light to turn the light on or off. Best Alexa led strip.

key features

  • Activate lights automatically at night with timer function
  • Strips are easy to cut
  • It is an IR controller for easy remote control of smart lights.
  • It has 4 scenic views that give your home a unique experience

Best Overall: Govi Dreamcolor best Alexa LED Strip Lights .

Best Alexa led strip

The Govi ​​DreamColor LED Strip Light is a smart light that can be controll remotely with Alexa with voice and an app with the use of buttons on a box. When the “Govi Home” app is install-ed on your mobile device, you can remote control your smart light from anywhere and set a timer function. The product also has a box control with 3 buttons that are use to turn lights on or off, change color and adjust brightness, respectively.

The Govi ​​DreamColor LED strip light features multi-colors in a line. The RGB light bar cannot separate colors as it allows for color. It has a built-in IC (integrated circuit), which does not make it deductible. Best Alexa led strip.

key features

  • Sound synchronization for entertainment
  • Light scheduling mode for different times of day
  • It is a box with buttons for easy control It can control with the beginning of a simple conversation with Alexa

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