About led lights electricity consumption best and simple way1.

LED lights are considered very economical, but what is the actual power consumption? but the question arisis Is it worth replacing old light sources with LEDs? In this article you will get to know how much energy the LED energy actually consumes and how much electricity you can spend with LED technology. led lights electricity consumption.

Calculation of LED electricity costs

led lights electricity consumption

The power consumption of LED lamps can be easily calculated. To calculate this, you have to simply multiply the specified power consumption with the light duration. The duration of light refers to the time when the lamp is on.

To determine this time as accurately as possible, you have to estimate how long the selected lamp lights on average every day. Especially for the lighting in the living room, it is best to choose the average value of summer and winter day. led lights electricity consumption.

Example calculation for LED power usage

Lamp: 30 Watt of LED Ceiling Light in Living Room

Light time in summer months: 3 hours per day

Light time in winter months: 6 hours per day

Average burn time: 4.5 hours per day

Power usage per year: 30 watts · 4.5 hours · 365 days = 49.275 kWh

Electricity expenditure per year: 49 kWh · 0.15 $ = 7.35 $

Power consumption compared to old light sources()led lights electricity consumption

In the upper example, a 30 W LED luminaire consumes 49 kilo Wh of electricity per year. A luminaire of equal brightness with incandescent lamps will have a power draw of approximately 220 W. It will still be equipped with about 180 W halogen lamps.(led lights electricity consumption) According to the above calculation, energy consumption is as follows:

LED power consumption: 49 kWh → $ 7.35

Halogen power consumption: 294 kWh → 44.1 $

power consumption of Incandescent lamp : 359 kWh → 53.85 $

The comparison shows a large difference in power consumption between traditional light sources and modern LED lighting. In the example, the energy consumption with LED technology is only 14% wher compared to old incandescent lamps and 17% compared to halogen lamps. led lights electricity consumption.

led lights electricity consumption

How much do Christmas lights cost to run? (led lights electricity consumption)

The cost of live Christmas lights is depend on the type of light you use. For example, standard incandescent fairy lights consume 40W per 100 lights. For a house, the price per 1,000 bulbs is $ 17.79 through December. If we assume that you are using the lights for five hours every night for the entire month (30 days), the cost may be $ 34 dollars more than your normal bill.

On the other hand, LED Christmas lights are quite inexpensive. They should only add $ 0.1 to $ 1 to their electricity bill over Christmas. Nowadays LED lights are widely used, and their popularity is mainly due to its energy-friendly properties. LED lights consume 1.2W to 2W of power on every 100 LED light bulbs on average; Which is 90% less than standard incandescent fairy lights. That being said, if you can double the figure of 1.2W per 100 bulbs after an LED light with additional features (like Twinkle) – however, even after the fact, LED light is still a more economical option(led lights electricity consumption) . Lives in

How to calculate electricity usage cost

If you want to assess the situation yourself and find out how much power your Christmas lights are actually using, you can make it work easily. First of all, you have to find out your WhatsApp (which is figuring out how many watts you are using). Then, you have to multiply 0.001 to find the kilowatt hour. Now multiply 5 hours a day to find the ratio of kwh / day, multiply again by 30 days to get the figure for kwh / season and finally, multiply the cost of electricity usage on your electricity bill ( Must be the percentage figure) in order to get the final cost.

Tips for saving electricity(led lights electricity consumption)

led lights electricity consumption

If you feel that you want to keep your bills down instead of this Christmas season, there are many things you can do to keep your electricity expenses down. Find some useful tips below.

Go Solar: Australia enjoys Christmas in summer, when UV rays are most powerful. Use solar take advantage and get solar Christmas lights. While they can be a little expensive to buy upfront, they will definitely be cheap in the long run, when they won’t reflect on your electricity bill at all! (led lights electricity consumption)

Choose LED: Christmas lights usually last longer, but it may be time to upgrade the LED. The difference in power consumption is staggering, which translates into higher savings for you. While LED lights were previously used as priests (because they were developed only for commercial settings or offices), they have become increasingly popular in homes due to their electrical efficiency. In addition, LED lights typically last up to 60,000 hours – which means you don’t have to worry about bulb replacement. They do not illuminate regularly, reducing hazards and overall environmental heat. led lights electricity consumption.

Schedule your lights: Use a timer to make sure the lights go off after going to bed.

Use solid lights: Because incandescent lights use more electricity than solid lights, try sticking them in solids to keep the bills down.

Also check led bulb decorative

Keep in mind when setting up your display: Obviously, the smaller the lighting display, the less power you spend – but it’s not about Christmas light decorations, is it? The trick is not trivial, but clever! For example, you can put low light in parts of the house that don’t get very high visibility, turn them on only when it’s completely dark and set for the month of December only.

The conclusion

Now you can determine the power consumption of the LED lamp using the example calculation. You can multiply the consumption with the price per kilowatt hour of your current electricity rate. So you are able to estimate the estimated electricity cost per year and you will know how much you can actually save when using LED lights.

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